3 Reasons why Your CV Should Not be More Than 2 Pages

Many times one encounters CVs that are four pages long or more. Sometimes this could be for persons with such long years of experience and multiple organisations worked for; for some others you find that there is really no justifiable reasons for their long CVs.

The ideal length for your CV should be 2 pages and it’s what you should aim for. This doesn’t mean CVs longer than that are not suitable.

If you can, make your CV two pages only for the following reasons;

1. It takes an employer/recruiter only 10 seconds to determine if your CV is worthy of further consideration.

No matter how long or detailed your CV is most recruiters will glance at it for less than 10 seconds looking for information to show you possess the right credentials and skills for the job in question. So this means your CV must have key information arranged in such a way as to help the recruiter make a decision to shortlist your CV.

And many times this means creating a CV that projects work experience, skills, achievement highlights etc in the best and shortest possible way.

2. Having a length restriction forces you to be smarter with your CV writing

Just compare how twitter has made people learn to convey very key information in only 160 characters that other people can read quickly and understand. Twitter works well because people have lots of things trying to get their attention so the short and direct mode of communication makes people cut out the BS and convey just exactly the information that is needed to be conveyed.

Think the same with your CV. What things are not very necessary that you leave in your CV? Having a page limitation in mind when preparing your CV helps focus your writing. That way you do not write long essays that nobody has time to read about how you went to the best nursery and primary school. It forces you make the best possible use of space to produce something compact and highly readable for the employer.

But if the nature of your work and career means your CV inevitably gets into page 3 no problem.

3. Saves you time, Saves the recruiter time, and Makes it more appealing

Ok so the more compact your CV the better for everybody. The major cause of many long CVs is poor document arrangement. Lots and lots of needless empty spaces, too large fonts etc. Making a shorter CV means you are forced to get the document well aligned and appealing to the eye.

And also the more compact and targeted your resume is the better it shows in relevant searches by employers on Ngcareers.

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    Very nice tips, you nailed it.

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    Your write ups are quite challenging and exemplifying.Well
    done for the jobs being done.

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