Job Hunting? Four Industries Poised for Exceptional Growth in 2014

With the number of jobs increasing rapidly, there are four industries poised for exceptional growth in 2014. These four include:


Healthcare Industry Boom

When the US has passed new healthcare reform legislation, this caused a global ripple effect. While healthcare insurance remains fairly stable, there’s been an increase in medical technology and innovations that create jobs. Changes in various medical and surgical procedures as well as innovations in pharmaceuticals target today’s brightest job hunters for key positions that offer greatest opportunity and advancement.


Energy remains one of the top four industries with exceptional growth for 2014. The growth in drilling and hydro fracturing of natural gas, as well as solar, wind and hydroelectric energy industries began with a greater need to fill positions for petrochemical engineers and scientists for R&D.


Money makes the world go round and will continue to be one of the top four industries globally and domestically. Jobs abound for money managers, financial analysts and investment managers and consultants due to the ever shifting currents in the financial world.


For 2014, construction is surging ahead despite previous lags of the past decade. The ripple effect of an increase in jobs in construction creates jobs in construction and structural design engineering as well as land surveying, property management and regulatory compliance. An increase in jobs in construction for 2014 is not limited to construction workers and managers. Whenever construction jobs and those related to construction increase, jobs for electricians, plumbers, utility installers, construction equipment manufacturers and parts production also increase. In addition, jobs for building and code inspectors, piping engineers and installers, roofers and sub-contractors increase nearly as soon as building permits are approved.

Job hunting for 2014 has changed. Today, jobs are posted on online job listing sites. For job hunters, it’s important to know which job sites offer the best opportunities. In the healthcare, financial and energy industries, post resumes and cover letters via email directly to websites dedicated to these industries. It’s also a good idea to maintain a presence on other major job listing sites to cover all bases. Avoid limiting job searches to the immediate locality. Consider jobs domestically and internationally to widen the scope of job hunts. Companies like 20/20 NDT Inc. are among industries poised for exceptional growth in 2014.

Karleia is a freelance blogger. 20/20 NDT Inc is among individual companies poised for exceptional growth in 2014.

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