11 Reasons You Did Not Get That Job Interview

Ever wondered why you didn’t get that interview? You fit the profile advertised. You crosschecked your resume before submitting it. You filled the application form properly, your cover letter and resume looked very perfect. But you waited, no response, even when it comes it reads “We regret you were not selected…”.

Why did you not get even a chance for an interview? Is there any thing you did wrong? This and many other questions might be in your thoughts. There are various reasons you didn’t get that interview, below are top 5 reasons you didn’t even get a chance to demonstrate your value.

1. Your qualifications did not match the job offer
This may sound pretty obvious but in times of desperation, one may tend to apply for jobs for which they may be under or over-qualified. The key thing is to read the job description and understand where the recruiter is coming from. Apply for jobs which you are deeply passionate about and you are bound to get called as it shows in your writing.

2. Your CV was too long.
Recruiters may sometimes have thousands of emails to go through in a day and one which is cluttered with information is easy to skip. The solution to this is to format your resume in such a way as to make it almost tabular for ease of reading.

3. You did not apply as per the instructions given
Sometimes when job hunting several opportunities simultaneously, it is easy to overlook how different organisations have different recruitment structures. The advertised opportunity may require you to give a brief summary of your previous duties and so forth. Another may not require this and will prefer to have it done in person. Either way, it is important to be keen on the particular instructions for each opportunity.

4. The posting wasn’t for a true vacancy; the company had an internal or previously identified candidate already selected. They posted out of obligation rather than need for candidates.

5. Too many candidates. The company receive too many applications and as such, even though you match the profile many others did as well and luck wasn’t on your side.

6. The job is not in the location listed. They are looking for someone to move to a distant city with no relocation funds.

7. The job description was so long that no one would have all the qualifications. The reason? The company is fishing for a couple candidates.

8. You are over aged or under aged.

9. You don’t fit racially, the company needs a white or black and you are not.

10. The recruiter / HR was feeling just plain lazy, privileged or just too important to actually delve into their job for the day.

11. Your resume did not have the right keywords. These days recruiters use various applicants management systems that filter applications based on keywords. They go through incoming resumes simply by keyword searches. If you don’t happen to have the right keyword combination, your resume may never even be opened up – regardless how long, qualifications etc.

Have any questions or experience on why you failed to get an interview? Enter it in the comment section below.

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  1. Sammy says:

    Thanks admin for this write up. Please could you throw more light on number 11 where you said “Resume did not have the right key words.

    Please can you assist with example?

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