Are You Unemployed? 7 Easy Ways to Make Money

Unemployment itself is a great task, there is nothing more demanding and equally depressing than waking up daily and doing nothing. Idleness they say is devil’s workshop, some say it can kill faster than most diseases. The worst thing that accompanies unemployment is lack of money. If you are unemployed but your parents, relations or guardian still gives you allowance periodically then technically you are partially employed because you are paid to do nothing (Doing nothing is a job except when you are not paid for it).

The essence of this article is not to tell you that idleness is bad or doing nothing is work, it is to tell you some practical ways to make an income when you are unemployed. You may agree with me that searching for job is very tasking financial wise, one of my friends call it “business of job search“, because according to him, “anything that requires capital for day to day operation is a business“. Without money your job search can be frustrating; imagine you can’t afford transport fare for your interview, you can’t photocopy or print your documents, you can’t surf the internet (I know you can because you are reading this). Even when you can afford the aforementioned, life as an unemployed graduate is not all about job search, you still need to relax and enjoy yourself time to time and this requires money.

Enough of stories, how do you actually make money while being unemployed? I am going to give you few pointers below, you may find one or two suitable.

Sell What You Don’t Need
This is very easy, all those clothes and gadgets you don’t use anymore, you can sell them and make few bucks. Remember the saying “one man’s food is another man’s poison”? That item you might consider worthless or useless can be very useful for some other person. How and where do I sell? If you can’t sell it the normal way you can make use of online platforms like, OLX, Tradestable etc.

Do Odd/ Menial Jobs
You have to do away with your shyness, high class or whatever and get your hand dirty. Get into the streets time to time and do some menial jobs like loading trucks, digging trenches or laying down trench mesh afterwards, etc. Talk to family, friends and neighbours and figure out what their needs are and help them out for a fee. Nassau County residential cleaning or stores is a task that many need help on and are willing to pay for it. Don’t feel bad about it, it’s just temporarily.

Rent Open Space
Do you have an open space or a spare bedroom in your home or apartment, try renting them out. Not only will renting out excess space help you make money, it will help you reduce expenses. However, before you start, draft a written lease agreement and make sure you discuss your terms with all parties before renting out.

Turn Your Skills Into Money
Do you have a talent that you’re not putting to use? Have you ever thought of making money from this talent? For example, if you can write very well, you can make money from freelancing (you can join freelancing sites like Elance, Guru etc). If you can teach you can make money by organizing extramural classes for students or private tutorial classes. This can be the beginning of a very lucrative business.

Research studies/ works / Survey
Year in year out students and scholars carry out research works that need tedious field works and surveys. You can help out these students in their surveys and field works and get paid for it. You can also participate in product surveys for companies and get paid for this. Usually information on these products surveys are posted on classifieds.

Pharmaceutical/ Clinical Testing
If you live near a university with a medical school or medical research centre, you can earn up to N300k for taking part in a clinical research study. Various medical institutes and pharmaceutical companies need people to test their new products and are willing to pay for this. However, you should be careful because this can cause severe harm to you or even death if the product is defective.

Blood Donation
You can donate blood to blood banks and get paid up to N1500 per pint. In the United States, federal regulations state that an individual may donate two times in a seven day period, with a minimum of two days in between donations. You can read the general guideline on blood donation at

Have you done or are you planing to do any of these? Share your thoughts and experience below.

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  1. Jobfastng says:

    Great article Andy, Thanks for sharing it. These 7 ways are awesome to earn good. These 7 are very simple steps on making money

  2. vee amaka says:

    Very nice article, how about some tips for people already employed but wishing to make some extra money by the side?

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