How to Deal with an Insulting or Over-Agitated Boss

Depending on your career trajectory and where you work you probably would have worked with a supervisor, manager or superior who gets angry at the slightest provocation and hurls insults without thought.

If you have a boss who directly or indirectly uses insulting words or is always quick to get incensed at issues this here is a simple epistle on how you could cope or what to do.

1. Grow a Thick Skin

For some insulting people they may really shout insults as more of a habit so you should learn not to take statements to heart. To advance in many organisations you certainly need to become insulated to disparaging remarks both from colleagues and superiors because you certainly will get them directly or otherwise.

2. Find out What Gets Him/Her Angry and Stop It if You Can

Some bosses may be very much irritated by certain behaviour or actions. There are some who abhor latecoming or signs of laziness. For some others they may be easily incensed when they don’t fine things where they should be. Study what makes your boss lose his/her and try as much as possible to eliminate that from happening when you work with him/her.

3. Have a Candid Chat With Him/Her

For some situations it may be practically impossible to please your boss. If you notice she really does get over the top with her actions and words it might be a good time to talk to her about the situation. Find a suitable time when she’s likely to be more receptive and quietly ask her what you can do to help stop the insulting words and actions. Try to make her understand that you are willing to do your best for her as you also desire to enjoy your work with her devoid of tensions and unnecessary friction. If her response is positive good for you but if not see the last tip

4. If Your Boss Makes the Office Hell for You; You May Start Looking

Life is too short to work in a hellish environment no matter how well you may be paid. If you have tried all you can and still cannot get to work harmoniously with your boss or can’t seem to stop the insults you may have to endure and quietly start looking for a better opportunity somewhere else.

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