2 Ways to Sniff Out Scarce Job Opportunities Ahead of Others

The situation of the job market in Nigeria means that jobseekers are in a mini-war; it’s a survival of the most connected, smartest and fastest scenario. Thousands of people out there are looking for the same jobs you are also on the lookout for. So the question is how do you outsmart others and get information on jobs that ordinarily will not be openly advertised.

A very good percentage of available jobs in Nigeria do not get advertised openly. Only the ones with insider access to information stand a chance of being hired. A good number of graduates I know working today got hired on jobs that weren’t openly advertised. So as you apply for jobs on job sites in Nigeria you also need to have a plan B as a way of getting hold of unadvertised or scarce job opportunities.

1. Become visible where employers usually search for candidates

A very high number of jobs don’t get advertised so how do you ensure you get a chance of being considered for these kind of good jobs?

Simple. Put yourself where you can be found.

If you are a serious career person your career profile should be on Ngcareers, your professional profile should be on LinkedIn. And to a lesser extent you should be on Twitter.

For the first two they are places hundreds of recruiters and employers go to search for and appraoch candidates whose profile show suitable skills and experience for the job opening they want to fill. You can join Ngcareers here and create your career profile in less than 2 minutes.

2. Engage in the Right Conversations

Right now Twitter seems to be the best place online to engage with other players in an industry of your interest. It’s easier there to connect with decision makers, managers and other C-level players.

Your approach should be to show value and never ask anyone upfront for a job. Use the 160 character limit to present a concise decription of yourself. Follow the right people, find relevant bits of information in your preferred career area and improve as much as you can while joining in conversations that will boost your chances of getting to know about openings.

Serious professionals are joining Ngcareers to enhance their visibility to companies and recruiters who may be looking for experienced candidates to fill job openings. Join now and create your career profile in a minute

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