How to Apply to Jobs Within Your Organisation: Positioning Yourself to Take Advantage of Internal Job Vacancies

If you are working in an organisation and not taking advantage of internal job openings to advance you surely are not doing yourself any favours. Many large organisations regularly have need to fill in jobs and while they may advertise publicly, in some cases, nothing stops someone with relevant years of experience working already in the organisation to apply.

However to apply for jobs within your organisation you need to consider the following;

Talk to Your Superiors

Find out from people who should know about the internal vacancies and whether the company is looking to fill from exclusively outside the company or whether they will also consider internal applications from employees. When you can be sure this is the case you would have a sure basis to dust up, rewrite you CV and send in your application. Get informed on the application process and follow it to the letter.

Follow Your Company’s Job Openings Page

If your organisation does its recruitment through its own HR department chances are that it may have a career section on its website where new jobs are listed. Be sure to keep track of the page for any openings that may be relevant to your career path.

Secure the Right References

If the opportunity you are applying for requires significant differences from your current job you may have to find and include references that will indicate your good background in the areas required for the job.

Don’t Take Things for Granted

That you are already an insider or an employee for the organisation doesn’t guarantee anything or give you any undue advantages over other equally or more qualified external applicants. So you should be doing your best to understand what the position you are applying for entails and follow the rules.

Stay Positive

After sending in your applications it’s all you can do to go about your current job as effectively as you used to. Remain positive and committed even when the selection doesn’t favour you.

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