5 Top Secret Methods to Get Noticed by Any Company You Want to Work For

That the job market is overcrowded is an obvious statement. A lot of people, whether looking for their first job or looking to get a better one than their present job, are on the look out for opportunities.

And the worst part?

Everyone is looking to get hired by the big, established firms in their industry. And the problem is too many people are looking to get the attention of the recruiters for these big firms. Even the not so big but ok companies also do look a lot of consideration from anyone looking to get hired. As long as the pay is good or the organisation is known for a good work culture and working condition.

So in brief – The competition is stiff!

How Do You Get Ahead of All the Noise and Get Noticed by the HR Managers of Your Target Companies?

We’ll walk through practical steps you can take to stand up, get noticed and get hired.

Get Your Acts Together

You have to be deliberate; like an army general going to war you should plan and leave very little to chance. It starts with becoming coordinated in terms of what you want to achieve. What sort of work do you want to be considered for in the company/organisation? How Much do you know about the organisation?

You basically should start your homework. The more you know about the task at hand the better your chances of winning.

Start to Create the Right Presence and Pool of Information About You

While a lot of people will send in CVs and drop unsolicited application letters you should tow a different, not so obvious path. This starts with building the right sort of image you envision for yourself. List all your social media profiles and start a through professional makeover (or surgery if you like). It’s of no use if you succeed in getting the attention of the right HR executives and one look at your web and social profiles sends the door shutting against you.

Starting from your career profiles to your social media handles draw up an articulate summary of who you are, the skills you have, the work achievements you have made and your passion for the types of job you are interested in.

To show you are a valuable resource and talent in your discipline you will need to start getting visible, publishing well researched insights at the right places. Using all social tools at your disposal (including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Online Communities and Forums etc) you can start engaging with others in similar line of interest. You do not even need to have a blog; as occassionally you can get your opinions published in respectable blogs if they are good enough.


Make a List of Important and Relevant Persons in the Organisation (easier if it is a small or medium organisation)

Remember we said this is a deliberate action. This means you do all you can to place yourself in a better situation to win. You plan carefully and execute methodically.

Now you are done with cleaning up your image on the web to present a professional look you move on to finding out who you need to attract to your profile. Every company has people responsible for finding new potential hires. With the tools at your disposal you can start looking for the persons who have a say in recruiting new hires. This involves recruiters as well since many big firms outsource their recruitment to agencies and consulting firms.

Start Connecting Smartly

It is one thing to have the information on the right Managers, CEOs, HR Executives of your target companies and it is another (much more difficult thing) to connect smartly with them and get their attention without appearing like a nuisance.

Start by connecting from the point of a) giving value and b) stimulating thought

When you try to see things from the perspective of the person whose attention you are hoping to get you begin to come up with ideas and information that will get them to pause and look you up and possibly reach out. Things like politely asking them to check out an insightful blog post you wrote or pointing out an interesting link to something you read and know will be of value/interest to them etc will give you a better chance than outright sending them a message asking to be employed.

Dig Deep; Find out Ways to Help the Organisation Meet and Surpass Their Goals

If you are ever able to do this and convey your ideas to the right people in that organisation while still not appearing to ask them to employ you most likely they will approach you. The key lies in utilising your skills and knowledge to look into ways to provide more value to an organisation. And then convey these to the right persons in the organisation free of charge without making any request.

In otherwords; engage, provide value and never ask for anything in return.

And watch the magic happen!

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  1. Taiwo Adeyemi says:

    Obviously, the paradigm shift in the labour market is as wide as revolutionary.

  2. Ugbaji Emmanuel Ugbede says:

    The job market today is quite challenging and demanding. It has also become very competitive whereby people get hired based on they packaging.

  3. Chinedu Mac Okoli says:

    ngcareers doing a good job.

  4. Emmanuel says:

    The Labour market today is quite demanding, you need more information and intelligence to stand out.

  5. Iyoo Godwin Mzaga says:

    Continue with your good job guys.

  6. Agada says:

    Good job, I find the line of not been a nuisance interesting.
    I need advice please. I will be going for study in Australia come 2016 and I need a good job. I came acrooss a friend with a high ranking position in intelsea (oil and gas) company in Australia who was suppose to help me register a short course but didn’t work out then. How do I catch his attention to show I will b valuable for a part time without been a nuisance?

    • ngcareers says:

      Hello Agada, thanks for stopping by, you already established a contact, that’s great. You have to nurture the relationship, don’t ask for him for the part time gig upfront. Find ways you can create value to him, by doing this over time you will make him feel he owes a favour. You will be surprised how things goes from there.

  7. Balogun Stephen says:

    Reinventing yourself to stay relevant, that’s the key. Thumbs up to you guys!

  8. anurika says:

    Still praying and hoping to get something

  9. lawal mayowa says:

    I have applied for more than 20 jod,but no one has call me yet,what happen?

    • ngcareers says:

      Sorry about that Lawal, we think you have to start by finding out what’s missing in your applications or which skills these companies need most.
      – Learn these skills
      – Follow the tips on this article
      – Bring your CV/resume to standard

      We are sure you will have a different story to tell once you do all this.

  10. Dimkpa Godwin N says:

    That is splendid, i cherish the information is a fact.

  11. Egbebor Philip Awori says:

    I think working on one’s self instead of relying on luck is a good way to start. Thank you Ngcareers for sharing this with us.

  12. Justina Alih says:

    This an interesting and valuable read. You need to have a platform on this blog that links people that read these articles to social media channels where they can share these posts with their online community.

  13. chisom says:

    Quoting Emmanuel, “the Labour market today is quite demanding, you need more information, … .” But the informations are restricted from the public/masses. Why?

  14. Yunusa Amartey says:

    Any advice for someone living outside Nigeria (Accra, Ghana) who is looking for employment in Nigeria?

  15. Lukuman says:

    How will I get assistance from ngcareers regarding my job search. I have some years of experience in my field. I have been longing to change my employer but to no avail. Can you people assist?


    ngcareer is really doing a good job.Labour market is becoming something else.It is competitive and stressful.

    • ngcareers says:

      Thanks Vitus, we agreed with you its very competitive but with the right tools and strategies you will always be on top.

      • Sarah Lynch says:

        I am new to the blog and wanted to learn more about the challenges with respect to job opportunities in the Lagos area of Nigeria. I understand many college graduates have been out of work for years and competition is unrealistic. I live in the US and so my knowledge is limited.

        I just want to have an honest perspective of the realities of the market place. It must be very frustrating for talented people in Nigeria to keep trying and I can understand why cyber activity is what it is. Income/expenses are also another hurdle it appears once a job is secured. Is starting and operating your own Internet business more of a realistic possibility? What career/fields exist for Nigerians? Does community service offer young men/woman options once completed?

        • Paul says:

          We suggest you subscribe to get more blog posts. We regularly try to blog on issues that affect working individuals and job seekers so you can start also by checking out the blog articles.

          Thanks for stopping by.

        • ngcareers says:

          Like Paul pointed out, we will be dealing with some of the issues you raised in details with subsequent articles. However, the internet opens up a huge business opportunity for the youths and when executed properly can be rewarding. Various career/fields exist for Nigerians: software development, banking, oil and gas, agriculture, education to mention a few. Community service? I assume you meant NYSC. It doesn’t offer much, except the one year experience if you are lucky to get a good place of assignment, and prospects of being retained after the service is another thing. I think you are pretty much on your own after the NYSC, though you could learn useful skills during the programme that can help you start something.

  17. 5 Steps to increase interview is good event.

  18. Sarah Lynch says:

    Yes – passion for your profession, making appropriate, genuine and meaningful connections is important. Find you passion. Collaborate with colleagues and find your fit.

  19. IK says:

    Can remember when I went for a job interview in a radio house once and while being interviewed …I chipped in…y do they call the HR a certain nick name…and he was so shocked surprised n impressed that I knew so much about a lot of their staffs…lol! All na packaging..cus I had researched so much about each and everyone of their staff and about the organization before the interview day. It pays so much to know about that company which you want to work for. Do your research…Google about them…visit the company annonymously..make friends within before your interview date. You do be impressed how far this would help. Cheers guys!

  20. Mathew says:

    I have come to realised that the issue of getting hired in Nigeria today has become a battle to finish.We need the right information from the right source.

  21. Agatha says:

    You must stay on top of your game

  22. Christian says:

    I’m so grateful to be part of this site because most of the job interviews i attended is as a result of job alerts received from ngcareers.
    I’m always very lucky to make it thro an aptitude test level in any Oil & Gas industry in Nigeria but it’s so unfortunate that my chance of graping the job has always been in vain at the interview stage.
    Presently, I am among the successful candidates who have been shortlisted for an interview at NNPC, but am afraid due to my past failures. Pls i need advise on how to go about it in order to get the job. Thanks

    • ngcareers says:

      Hello Christian, we are glad to be helpful. Have you taken time to notice why you always fail at the interview level? What do you think is the major thing that affects your performance? You need to answer this question in other to find a real solution. However, generally you need to have confidence when going for interview and prepare very well. Try and be as candid as possible and answer question truthfully. Most importantly, research on possible interview questions you might encounter (we are working on providing a platform for this) and try to network with people already working there to get a grasp of how to nail the interview.

  23. David Igwe says:

    we were just sacked by an employer who felt we were expensive after we had organised the company. He then employed cheaper labour and asked us to accept reviewed salary of his new staff. What’s your take on this?

  24. alex says:

    Pls I want 2 knw is their no wrk 4 third class holder

  25. Faith Gift says:

    Repackaging and rebranding one’self is very important. The confidence that knowledge gives can not be overemphasised

  26. Blossom says:

    well said!!! its called evolution. The dynamics of the human society requires evolution of perspectives and methods in achieving set goals. Sail on guys.

  27. cj says:

    Life is nothing but a battlefield; is either you compete with the changing environment or you die. Hence, success is not only by working hardly but also by working smartly. kudos 2 U guys

  28. cj says:

    life is nothing but a battle field; is either you compete with the changing environment or you die.hence, success is not only by working hardly but also by working smartly. kudos 2 U guys

  29. Ibu Alphonsus says:

    Giving up might seem the option in the Nigeria today but its not the best. Gear up, go out and always study and make yourself look like a shining armour. ‘There is no Knowledge that is not power’.

  30. peace moyosore says:

    Please, what jobs are available for agricultural and biosystems engineering graduate?
    Thank you!

  31. fola says:

    How can I be part of this

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