How to Research a Company You are Interested in Working For

Years back it was far more difficult researching a company or organisation to find out if it is a very good fit for what you want for your career. In today’s labour market not only do organisations search about you as the candidate you also need to know as much as you can about the prospective employer to help you take better career decisions.

You may need to know things like how they will help you grow, how they like their team members to work, and opportunities for career fulfillment. If you are a pretty good professional asset and have a couple of options of organisations to work with this also makes sense that you know how to research the companies so you find out how well you would fit with any of them.

Researching a company or prospective employer not only helps when you are considering an offer from them; it’s also useful for an individual going in for an interview at a company to find out all he can about the company, their pay structure and workplace culture etc.

Possible Ways to Research a Company

1. Company Websites and Blogs

The first place to go is the company’s website if they have one. Going through their ‘about us’ page on their website and their management team may not really give you the information edge you seek but will help you get a grip on what the firm’s business is and have a general idea of what they do and how you might fit in.

2. Use Search Engines

These days if a company has been proactive digitally searching for the company name online via search engines like Google will unearth posts, forum discussions, articles etc on the company that you may find useful in your quest to know a bit more about the organisation.

3. Find Company Reviews on Ngcareers

On Ngcareers users (who have worked or are working in various organisations) submit reviews of what they find and how they see the work culture of the companies they work or have worked in. These company reviews are submitted anonymously meaning the identity of the users who submit reviews of their workplace cannot be linked to what they submitted.

This is to protect anyone submitting reviews that his employer might not like. You can search and read how current or former employees of a company rate the company based on career growth, salary and benefits, work environment, and management. They also reveal the positives and negatives of working in that particular company.

The company reviews on Ngcareers help you find more information about companies you are interested in than elsewhere.

4. Find and Use the Right Discussion Boards

Online discussion forums like Nairaland can be a very good research center. You can ask questions regarding a company you are interested in and expect to get reasonable answers from people who may or may have not worked there before

5. Tap Your Connections

You might want to check through your contacts, acquaintances and connections to find out the much you can about the prospective employer.

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