How to Create an Online Profile That Targets The Attention of Recruiters

These days when you want to be noticed you have to take charge of your online profile and image. Your social media accounts and online forum postings has never been more important than it is today. More and more employers are beginning to use the internet to check out potential candidates for jobs. Don’t be surprised that before you attend that interview your interviewer and prospective employer may have scoured the web for information on your person.

What this all points to is that you must manage your online entity and project an image that recruiters and employers will be attracted to.

Creating a Solid Online Profile

This starts with recognising the various places on the internet where you can create your online professional and career profile in the way to make it very targeted to the kind of job you want to land.

When you are looking for a job it is important to have online profiles where people interested in hiring you can easily find out your interests, accomplishments, skills and experiences. Even if you are gainfully employed and looking to advance faster in your chosen career path it is important that you create the right profiles for yourself online. Note that if you can’t be found online in this day and age many employers will not take you serious.

Sites Where You Should Create an Online Profile

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional networking site where you can create your own profile to increase visibility and attract potential recruiters. LinkedIn has hundreds of millions of users and many thousands of them are Nigerians.

Facebook: Most people who know how to use the computer very well have a Facebook Account. However you can optimise your Facebook Account for job search purposes by ensuring you create a professional looking profile describing your career interests.

Twitter: Twitter is fast becoming a platform for discovery of information (jobs included). Your Twitter profile will help give you exposure especially as it helps you connect with other professionals real time.

Google+: Another social network in the mould of Facebook with hundreds of millions of users Google+ can be useful in building connections and advancing your career. You can connect with individuals and organisations on Google+

Ngcareers: A job search and career site for Nigerians with over 300,000 users Ngcareers enables you create a complete career profile or resume which is indexed in its Talent Search Engine enabling thousands of employers and recruiters to find your CV when they search for candidates based on keywords and interests. Creating a good Ngcareers profile will help you get better exposure to employers looking for candidates with your skills and experience.

Your Own Blog: If you are good enough to have your own blog (preferably in your own name) that will be a good plus for your job growth. Pushing out quality and great content regularly will definitely get you attention from players in your industry. Having your own blog gives you the power to create the right image for yourself and send out useful information that may impress people and get them reaching to connect with you.

Tips to Creating a Great Online Career Profile

Your career profile is a document that summarises your skills, interests, job experience, and other necessary background information that may be useful to a potential employer checking up some information about you. Here’s what your concise online profile should contain;

Summary: This is a brief section of phrases and words to show at a glance what skills, abilities you possess and what previous or present accomplishments you have utilised your abilities for. Try to make this section as eye catching as possible

Work Experience: Outline your core work experiences, titles, including voluntary work.

Education and Relevant Trainings: List your academic qualifications, relevant professional trainings, workshops, licenses and certifications obtained.

Note that your online profile has to be organised and brief (restricted to one page is better) and created to create the right impression with anyone who is checking it out. You can the above tips to create your career profile on Ngcareers right away.

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