Five Things You Must Not Toy With in Your Career

Careers. Jobs. Employment. Salaries. Job security. Productivity.

All these form the basis of our frequent visits to this blog. We want tips on how to write the award-winning resume, how to dazzle the panel at every interview or how to package ourselves to be the darling of all employers. They are all necessary and important for the breakneck challenges we face these days.

But there are these five things we can’t take for granted in our lives and careers.

If I read your mind well enough, you may be expecting me to mention such colorful terms as training, professional development, team building or even dressing. Great as they are, they aren’t on my radar because with the best training you can still be kicked out. Who cares if you are developed professionally when the monster of office politics rears its ugly head? Neither suave dressing nor team spirit is capable of saving our ass when the axe dangles.

I hereby present to you, in no order of superiority, the five basic lifelines we mustn’t joke with in the course of our careers and of course throughout our lifetime.


The family is the single most important school we never graduate from. The family is the most enjoyable club where you don’t pay any subscription to be a member except for the perpetual subscription of mutual sacrifice and love. The family is the most trusted and ever reliable source of comfort and joy. Happiness in our career depends, to a large extent, on how close we are to our families, how committed we are to our families and how much we give into them.

If you haven’t been taking advantage of the amazing wonders of your family, try getting closer and be more responsible. The joy is transcendental. Nothing compares with it.


Let’s talk friendship and networking.

We are all taught to realize that no one can survive as an island. We need one another. We really do! The quality of relationships we build with friends, colleagues, associates, religious comrades and even casual acquaintances comes in handy during both sweet and bitter times. Some guys even claim that external relationships are more helpful than families. I don’t write to debate or argue this but the kernel of the matter is that both lifelines shouldn’t be toyed with in our career.


Somehow, I don’t know or I can’t recollect when or how exactly I became a fan of Real Madrid. I had never been a lover of football but the spinner turned up a different number along the line. I just got attached to them and the romance began. I think it was in the days of Zizzou. And I’m loving every minute of it. It’s fun! It’s amazing! It’s entertaining! It’s a stress killer!

Please, whatever your career entails, get some fun. On a regular basis, we need to let off some toxic steam. We need to give our brain the chance to recover and our nerves the chance to relax. Nothing kills productivity as fast as stress. And nothing deals with stress as effectively as relaxing.


Does a hobby play any role in our lives and careers besides gracing a space on our CVs? Yes, it does. But…
I’m yet to see a lifeline misused and abused as hobbies!

But those stuff we insert at the tail end of our CVs, almost hidden from sight and swallowed completely by other stories and screams, do we really take full advantage of the saving grace they offer? Does your hobby really mean anything to you? Sorry, were you really sincere and true to yourself in including all those things that are categorized as ‘hobby’ in your CV? Isn’t it just to fulfill all righteousness?

Before I started writing this post, I just finished reading Paul Eze’s great tips on what to do if I lose my job. I’m dead sure that the article would kick some mixed reactions – basically emotional. While those who were grappling with loss of job would find it comforting, the religious ones among those who still had their jobs would have probably uttered a resounding ‘tufia kpa!’, ’God forbid!’, ‘k’Olorun ma je!’ or ‘I reject it in Jesus name!’.

A million wishes for long life would not stop death from doing its chores. People lose jobs regularly. It’s even more frightening in a country as ours where employers take advantage of the wobbling and dizzying economy that years of cancerous corruption and imbecile governance bestow on us.

Hobbies are amazing therapy for stress. Things you can pour your heart into even when you aren’t getting a dime for them. If you truly have a hobby, the kicks and spanks of office will pale into near nothingness because you will always look forward to doing it. And for those who are either not yet employed or those who are out of job, your hobby is a soothing companion you can’t do without. Your hobby can also be transformed to a full scale career which can guarantee you regular income during and after your career.


Some call it faith. A number of us call it religion. Whatever the terminology you attach, man finds solace in the supernatural. I’m not canvassing for religions. Just get a conviction. Believe you can. Believe you have what it takes to survive any storm. Believe you aren’t cut out for intimidation, you are a star. There is a mythical but real connection between what we hold onto and what we eventually become. It’s inexplicable but it works.

Do you now get why all these are more important than anything in our careers and in our lives?

Talk to you soon.

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About Taiwo Adeyemi

Taiwo Adeyemi a passionate and inspirational freelance writer. A motivational speaker and a blogger. He holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration with experiences in finance, teaching, public speaking, writing and music. His passion for inspirational writing and speaking has seen him publish a book Ideas: From Nest to Transformation. He is putting finishing touches to a second one. Contact him. 09097348380


  1. andychukse says:

    Great point Taiwo! Relationships and family can really help you survive even in the hardest times. Show me your network, I will show you your net worth.

  2. Dickson Charles Iheme says:

    The family bit is the most disregarded point IMO, but it is well worth noting. The strongest point is the Conviction point. We can’t do anything without believing. But I think Fun and Hobby points can roll into themselves and should not be separate. Relationships?, well I think it is voluntary and could work both ways. I mean I’ve seen people work effectively without any form of relationship while others have been destroyed by the relationships they form at work. Great write up all the same.

  3. Comfort says:

    Thank u Taiwo; good read. I would suggest though that u merge fun & hobby. Sort of looked 4ward to seeing ‘health’ on d list.

  4. says:

    Thanks a lot to both Comfort and Dickson. Great insights from both. Do you know I didn’t see it from the perspective you guys just introduced? That’s the advantage of number. Just that I believe greatly that fun may not necessarily tie to your hobby Albeit they converge in the realm of relieving stress and there’s fun embedded naturally in hobbies. While I catch fun from watching soccer, I can’t kick an orange. Then, while I can turn my hobby of music into a full-blown career should the carpet roll off my feet, I doubt if anyone will pay me for watching soccer (LOL). And on relationships? Not just the ones developed at work, no. Lifelong relationships and social networking are the points. To Comfort, God bless you for the Health angle – it’s inevitable. Thanks again to you both.

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