Here is the Simplest Explanation of Marketing

During a session with some MBA students, a Professor tried to explain marketing in simplest form. He offered the following explanation:

  1. You see gorgeous girl in party, you go to her and say I am rich marry me “That’s Direct Marketing

  2. You attend a party and your friend goes to a girl and points at you telling her. He is very rich, marry him “That’s Advertising

  3. Girls walks to you and says you are rich, can you marry me? “That’s Brand Recognition“.

  4. You say I’m very rich marry me and she slaps you. “That’s Customer Feedback

  5. You say I’m very rich marry me and she introduces you to her husband. “That’s Demand and Supply Gap“.

  6. Before you say I’m rich marry me, your wife arrives. “Thats’s Restriction from Entering New Market“.

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