A Few Tips to Overcoming the Bad Omen of Unemployment

Being unemployed can have severe implications on your domestic and social life. The very thought of living a jobless life can be nerve-wracking and devastating. We tend to relate ‘bad luck’ with all the adversities that happen in our life. This is why people often apply for maryland unemployment with bad omen or luck. But, is it really a fact or just a myth? As humans, we tend to escape from reality either out of fear or simply because we are too egoistic to take admit our errors. This is why we tend to make mistakes again and again which hurt us sooner or later.

Similarly, we do not accept our mistakes when it comes to unemployment crisis. Majority of times, job seekers make common mistakes that result in rejection of their job application. They overlook certain factors which could have made them stand out from the crowd. This ultimately causes frequent job refusals and, thus, job seekers regard it as a bad luck that keeps them away from their destined employment.

1. Know The Company

It is not wise to appear in an interview without knowing the company’s business, interest and ethics. It is like marrying someone you know nothing about. In my opinion, job hunting is similar to a marital affair. Will you marry a girl who is not compatible with you at all? I will definitely think twice before doing that. Funny but true!

Similarly, when you apply to an organization, you plan to become part of their family. You have to carry forward their legacy to the next era. So, if you appear in an interview without any prior knowledge of the company’s ethos, business philosophy and work ethics, then it won’t be your bad luck that triggered at that moment rendering you again without an employment, but your own folly.

2. Work On Your Resume And Cover Letter

Sadly, job seekers never give due attention to these two essentials of job application. In fact, most of them do not even bother to update their resume for years and even use the same cover letter and resume for different jobs.

Cover letter and resume are two channels that allow employers to know more about you. These two important papers introduce you before the employer reflecting your professional and personal persona. Make sure that your resume includes your most important achievement, skills and experiences.

3. Get in Touch with Your Professional Contacts

Being a couch potato reduces your chances to get a job opportunity. Remember that no one is going to offer you a job at your doorstep. You have to network with people to get yourself where you desire to be. When you connect with industry professionals and experts, you become exposed to all prospective employers who might be looking for someone like you.

With LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, it takes only a few seconds to reach people who can introduce you to important contacts. Just be active on your profiles and keep in touch with your network on daily basis. You can join communities for job opportunities. This will sharpen your skills and you will make your professional circle very strong.

4. Know The Necessary Requisites

If you are unemployed for quite some time and you think it is truly the ‘bad luck’, then you need to do an honest reality check. Is it your age or gender that keeps you away from getting a desired job? Or is it your professional or academic credentials that are the main causes of your unemployment? A genuine analysis of the problem will provide you with a clear picture of what needs to be done to survive this ordeal.

Check the age limit, male-female ratio and retention rate of your target job market as well. Also, make sure that you have the most up-to-date skills related to your area of field.

Vanessa Collister is a passionate writer currently serving Assignment Kingdom, academic consultants. She loves to talk about trending topics in the area of career, education, social media, etc.

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