Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment Test Tragedy: 23 Feared Dead

It was a sad day yesterday Saturday 15th March, 2014 as thousands of young Nigerians struggled to take part in the shambolic recruitment test organised by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS).

Twenty-three Nigerian job seekers who left their homes to sit for the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) recruitment examination did not return home alive. They were trampled to death. Scores were seriously injured.

investigations revealed that over 6.5m Nigerians who paid an application fee of N1, 000 each applied for 4,000 NIS vacant positions and were all made to sit for the exams at venues on the same day.

At the last count, it is learnt that tragedy occurred in the FCT, Port Harcourt, Minna, Gombe, and Benin venues of the examination.

In the Abuja National Stadium, over 60,000 applicants turned up for the recruitment test.

The 60,000-seater stadium was filled to capacity when LEADERSHIP called at the stadium about 11am, with thousands of others milling around the stadium complex and outside.

An immigration officer who did not want to be mentioned said about 68,000 applicants were at the stadium but only 4,000 would be employed nationwide.

Most of the applicants were seen looking haggard and frustrated and anxiously looking for refreshment. Scores were said to have collapsed during an early morning stampede at the entrance gate to the stadium. A source at the National Hospital, Abuja, said 10 of them died.

An eyewitness and an applicant, who gave his name as Nuhu, said the tragedy happened shortly after 7am when a security official opened the gate and candidates who were already gathered rushed in.

According to him, all the efforts the gatemen made to ensure orderly movement in the complex were futile as the throng of applicants pushed and shoved, resulting in the trampling of scores, mostly ladies.

Although the Immigration Service, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior after the insurance company’s offer, is yet to release the official list of casualty, a source at the National Hospital has since confirmed the incident. Efforts to get the service spokesman, Mr Obuah, proved abortive.

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  1. Ruthy says:

    Terrible. Our youth needs ‘MIND EMPOWERMENT’ they need to start creating Jobs for themselves than hunting for one. It’s all in the mind. I never knew Nigeria was so poor a country with terribly minded people. Shame on the govt. May the souls of the departed rest in peace. Amen

  2. Andy says:

    It’s highly dissappointing! Despite generating over 6 billion Naira from the exercise NIS couldn’t conduct a proper and safe interview.

  3. idumacharles says:

    those telling us to create jobs for ourselves should please give us money to do so. self empowerment starts with financial enhancement

  4. mordesty says:

    i very sorry for those who lost their lives on that faithful day.Nigerian government still fail to know the time bomb of unemployment in this country.

    • Andy says:

      You are right, the upper class don’t want to address unemployment issues. Most of the state governments are doing almost nothing in terms of creating employment or enabling environment for businesses to strive. I do hope the Federal government look into this matter.

  5. KC says:

    Its height of irresponsibility for people who have been appointed in public office to act as if they don’t have common sense.How could you conduct an aptitude test for this number of people in one place after you have ripped them off illegally.Shame on the officers in charge.They should not only be sacked, but should be punished accordingly to the full extent of the law for being responsible for the death of these innocent Nigerians

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