Career Opportunities for English Graduates in Nigeria

Almost every person educated up to higher education level speaks some decent level of English so what exactly, some may ask, are the job prospects for a graduate who majored in English language?

The English language no doubt is the dominant language in today’s world economy. if you studied English language in a higher institution it may seem that there are no tangible, hard skills acquired except that of knowing your way around speaking and writing the English language.

One could argue that there are no specific career paths for English language graduates as it is not in itself a professional course of study that leads to defined professional career routes.

However the advantage for any good English language graduate is that he could easily veer off into marketing, advertising, teaching, communication careers etc.

The skills you gain through an English language degree are marketable in many career areas. See below some job and career options for you as an English language graduate;

Job/Career Areas

Editor/Editorial Assistant – print, online media etc
Teacher – primary, secondary school
Lecturer – (a post graduate degree needed)
Lexicographer – printing, publishing etc
Journalist – print, online, radio, TV media
Writer/Author – writer, blogger, playwriting, fiction writing, poetry, feature writing etc
Librarian – public, private libraries
Information Officer – NGOs, government agencies, business organisations
Marketing Executive – business organisations
Copywriter – advertising, pr agencies
Records Manager – archives, museums, publishing

Vital Skills That Could Be Useful for Your Career

– sound written and verbal communication skills
– organisation and time management
– critical reasoning and anaylsis
– Ability to use and manipulate words
– articulating and understanding texts, ideas and theories
– creative thinking

Note however that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject for many jobs so your possible opportunity areas are not restricted to the ones mentioned above.

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