Career Opportunities for Agric Business and Financial Management Graduates in Nigeria

Overview of Agric Business and Financial Management

Agric business and financial management courses in Nigerian higher institutions are always a combination of agricultural focused business management but a lot of what is thought also might prepare the graduate for a career in finance and business related management.

It is a course of study that presents approaches to financial decision making as regards those involved in agribusiness, including farmers, horticulturists and supporting businesses, to manage invested funds, physical resources and labour.

Major subjects expected for such a graduate to have studied and gained sufficient knowledge on include; Courses include agribusiness management, finance, sales, marketing, agricultural law, commodity futures and managerial decision-making. It is usually a four year undergraduate programme in Nigerian universities.

Career Opportunities and Jobs for Agric Business and Financial Management Graduates

Graduates of Agric Business and Financial Management in Nigeria looking for possible career opportunities and job areas can explore possibilities to work as;

Accounting technician
Chartered accountant
Chartered certified accountant
Chartered management accountant
Chartered public finance accountant
Corporate investment banker
Corporate treasurer
Financial adviser
Financial manager
Financial trader
Internal auditor
Investment analyst
Operational investment banker
Retail banker
Senior tax professional/tax inspector
Tax adviser etc

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