What Fresh Graduates Can Benefit From Social Media in Their Job Search

OK. Nigerians are great and ardent visitors to Facebook.

You’re probably just logging off now, or you are even still on it. But what do we do on it most of the time? We socialize.

It’s no brainer to know, and it’s no more news, that the Internet has taken over every sphere of our existence. Technology is bearing its marks on all aspects of life and one aspect where it’s a relief is the aspect of scouting for jobs.

Things couldn’t be better!

Looking for jobs in my days as a fresh graduate wasn’t too pleasant at all. I had to send tons of resumes both via the post and online. But to make yourself appealing to prospective employers now is easier than then. One of the things you need to do is to join the social media community.


This is still the biggest crowd puller among the lot but it has its limitations. It is a good platform to demonstrate your value and your reasoning process through quality status updates. It’s high time you reduced those childish posts and pictures and get serious.

Yes, get serious. If I were a potential employer, you don’t think I will be interested in hiring you if I connect with you on Facebook but all I get from you are offending photos and error-ridden posts. Now you have the opportunity to showcase your worth before a large audience without having to rent a venue. Make good use of it.

Build a winning profile. Once someone gets interested in your posts, the next logical place for him to check is your profile. Make it speak like a mini resume.


If you’ve been on Twitter, you’ll know that its rules are stricter than what we have on Facebook. At least, you know that you don’t have a large blank slate on which you can scribble away tens of words. Your tweets must be few in words but packed with substance.

Then your profile here also is important because it displays boldly.


If your goal is to attract prospective employers, LinkedIn is the right market.
Unfortunately, many fresh graduates only know about Facebook and, to some remote extent, Twitter. LinkedIn is a platform that was designed primarily for professional connections. It is more important than both Facebook and Twitter in this respect.

Create and account and enrich your profile. LinkedIn will not only enable you to get connected to people but will also, based on the profile you build, suggest useful groups and forums you can join. This will broaden your knowledge about the trend in your career.

Also, on a regular basis, jobs that match your profile will be recommended to you. I don’t need to stress again the inevitability of being business-like here. Get connected, study your connections’ profiles and build a formidable one for yourself.

Things can be easier than you thought.

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About Taiwo Adeyemi

Taiwo Adeyemi a passionate and inspirational freelance writer. A motivational speaker and a blogger. He holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration with experiences in finance, teaching, public speaking, writing and music. His passion for inspirational writing and speaking has seen him publish a book Ideas: From Nest to Transformation. He is putting finishing touches to a second one. Contact him. 09097348380 taiwo.write2build@gmail.com


  1. abayomi says:

    pls do more to help us get realistic jobs.atleast u make money from this blog.thanks.abayomi

    • jgims2004@yahoo.co.uk says:

      Abayomi, I think part of our challenges is the thinking that some people owe us a living. This blog has done its part, the buck is now on our table to rise to the challenge.

  2. R. McCoy says:

    I think if you’re an employer and you want to hire, LinkedIn would be a better place to search. It ‘s professionally-oriented. It is high-handedness to expect people to be uniformly ‘serious’ on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TumbIr, etc. Some of them were developed as fun outlets for one’s frivolities, and I bet you we all need them sometimes. You don’t want to go to a beer parlour in search of ‘decent’ worker to hire, you’ll miss very dedicated workers who are also very good drinkers/party-goers. When you hire someone, there is a department(s) of his life you’re interested in depending on the kind of work you’ll have him/her do. Don’t go searching for the ‘all round’ good employee, you’ll get a pretender or miss out on the really talented and bersatile type.

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