How Fake Arik Air Manager Scammed Two Graduates Job Seekers

Scammers can come in various ways, you should beware so that you don”t become a victim.
This is an account by Adeola Agoro, explaining the unfortunate events that led to the defrauding of two graduates by a man posing as an Arik Air manager.

“I actually cried tonight. I did.

He called me this morning and introduced himself as an Arik manager who was one of my fans in The Nation newspaper. He prayed for me and commended my efforts at addressing different problems. God knows I have been thinking of how I could help all the unemployed graduates who have been besieging me with demands for jobs. So when he said he wanted to contribute his own quota to the unemployment menace in the country and that I should give him the names of two graduates who could work in either Port-Harcourt or Enugu, I quickly gave him the names of two people who have been on my neck. He then said there was an interview going on today and he would ensure they got the job if they could fly down immediately. That was around 12.00 and he said the interview was for 2.00pm.

I warned the two graduates I got not to go as time was too short. I advised them to ask the man to get in touch in case there was another opportunity. I also warned them not to pay if the man asked for it as I didn’t know him and I couldn’t vouch for him. But desperation made them pay into the account the man supplied when he said he could get them discounted tickets to make it on time for the interview.

Now the so-called Mr. Bartholomew Obiora whose telephone number is 08101170128 is no longer answering his calls.

I should have known when he asked if I didn’t want to travel so he could give me a discounted ticket. I immediately answered that I could pay for my ticket all by myself. It was later that he texted about this job thing and I fell for it. Too bad. So bad.”


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