Re-Applying to a Company You Earlier Resigned From: Matters Arising

It’s not everyday that an individual resigns voluntarily from a company only to start seeking appointment again in same company. When that does happen what should such an individual do? Is it proper or self respecting to even consider doing that? This question was raised in a popular online forum in Nigeria.

Tackling the issues one after the other;

Is it Proper or Wise?

There are several reasons that could make one to resign from a place of work so it is a matter of context before deciding whether you are doing something proper applying for another job with a company you previously resigned from. Most people may agree that if you left the organisation in acrimonious circumstances it may not be wise sending in an application yet again.

However if the reasons for your previous resignation were mutual or forced by non-quarrelsome circumstances it should be easier to re-apply if you want to without facing any previous issues.

The Organisations’s HR rules

In this sort of case though you would want to be aware of the organisation’s HR policies so as to not find yourself in an awkward situation.

Previous relationship with the Human Resources and Key Staff

When contemplating applying for a job with the same company you resigned from before one of the important factors to consider is your relationship with the human resources and or key staff that may be involved in recruitment processes.

This also leads to the earlier raised issue of how your resignation came about or was handled. You wouldn’t be in a confident mood to go drop another application if you had damaged relations with the people who would again play a role in considering your application.

Nature of Resignation

There was this young man that got a new job offer and needed to resume immediately. Without taking the time to resign properly he simply stopped work and on resuming at the new job gave his former employer a phone call informing them he was no longer working with them.

Now the young man certainly didn’t resign in a way to help his relationship with the former employer and realises that. If any job should come up with the past employer which interests him greatly he certainly will find it difficult and unwise to apply.

Thus the way and manner of resigning will matter to a great deal should you want to re-apply to the same employer for a job.

What Should the Individual Do to Ensure Success in Re-applying?

If some of the conditions we explored above are favourable for you and you are in a situation you want to re-apply to a former employer here are a couple of tips on how to try and tip success in your favour;

Updating CV to Reflect Improvements

You sure should not make the mistake of attaching the same old CV and cover letter you used in getting your first job with them. An unchanged CV after a couple of years shows lack of growth of the applicant and every organisation worth their salt will want to bring in people who are consistently becoming better and improving at something relevant.

Include all reasonable milestones, professional and academic related achievements you have made since you last applied with them.

Utilising Good Relationships in-House

If you have still very good relations with some important staff in the organisation it will be key to play your card and take advantage of the good relationships. Get an idea of what the organisation wants from them and any changes that you should know about in the organisation’s mode of operation.

If you had previously left them in a gracious and respectful manner, maintained good relationships with enough of the in-house staff and possess the qualifications and experience for the job your chances are going to be better than that of all the other candidates. So you should be going ahead to apply with all confidence.

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