7 Common Errors In Job Applications You Should Avoid

While you are applying for jobs at JobApplicationPro, you need to make things easy for the prospective employers. And better for yourself.

If you are a veteran in applying for jobs online, chances are that you’ve overcome some or all of the errors we shall be discussing in this post. All the same, you never can tell when you’re going overboard.
I can bet on my lunch however that the largest percentage of new entrants into the world of job seeking, the freshly baked graduates whose heads are still filled with dreams and hopes, commit at least 50% of these errors.

And to be frank, the errors are too easy to commit. The epileptic Internet and the race for time are two of the reasons why we take the affordable route and hinge our success on luck. But if you keep committing them, your chances of being invited for interviews are too slim.
Let’s peep at them.

Forwarded Mails

Because you just sent your CV to someone or to an organization not too long ago, it’s easy to be tempted to just forward the same sent message to any new prospect that just opens up. Isn’t it cool with your BB and your Android phones? That’s an error, and a very big one.

Some guys may be lucky to survive it and be invited for interviews but don’t do it. Take your time to send it fresh to the required address. Don’t forward messages.

Group Mails

I often open my inbox to discover applications and CVs that are sent to my organization and to many other organizations using the same email so that all of ‘us’ copied will get the same message at the same time.
That’s very wrong. Please treat each organization as a unique entity. You may send your CV to a thousand organizations but do it individually not as a group mail. Send to only one organization with an email.

Funny Usernames

It’s high time you did an audit of your Internet profile. I once received an email from a username called ‘godpunishdem’ (real identity tweaked for privacy). I didn’t have the guts to open it at first because of the terrifying sender but it turned out to be an application.

Please edit your email profile and make it more serious and professional. Let it bear your real name.

No or Ambiguous Subject Mail

Employers deal with too many applications. They value their time as well so if you fail to make things easy for them, you’ll pay for it. Always give a suitable subject to your application email. The subject must contain the post you’re applying for. It makes your application more conspicuous.
Some organizations will even give you what the subject should be but it’s unbelievable that many applicants don’t take note of it.

Copy and Paste or Typing

I doubt if there are organizations that will ask you to copy and paste your CV and send it blandly as a message to them. But many applicants still do it.

Except you’re specifically instructed to do so, which is too rare to be true, please don’t copy and paste or type out your CV or application into your message body. Send it as an attachment.

Applying For More Than One Post

Of course any able-bodied buddy can pull many strings at a time. It’s wrong however to apply for more than one post in an organization and even more so, using the same email. I often see stuff like ‘APPLICATION FOR TEACHING OR ADMIN JOB’

Don’t do it. Apply for the post you’re more qualified for and stop breaking your egg into many baskets.

Failure to Follow Instruction

I’ve explained this in an earlier post but I can’t over-emphasize it. If the instruction doesn’t say you should scan, please don’t scan documents. Do as you are asked to do. Screening and selection processes actually start from the application stage.

You won’t want to help employers to screen you out. So, do as you’re told.

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