5 Reasons You Haven’t Got that Job

Why wasn’t I called? Why wasn’t taken for that position? But I performed great in the interview! The HR guy’s reaction showed it! Where did it go wrong? This is kind of thoughts that go through your head each time you didn’t get that job after an interview. Why do you keep getting rejected? Is it a curse or is my own different?
Most times you don’t even get a feedback from the company, other times they won’t tell you why you where rejected, if you are lucky they may tell you but in each case may not tell you what to do to actually get a job.

Here are 5 reasons why you didn’t land a job even when it seemed like its a sure thing. These reasons, no employer will tell you or admit it officially but it happens everytime.

You didn’t know one Oga at the Top
While you may have heard this, believe it, it actually happens. If you attend same interview with the friend or a relation to the employer, there are chances you will lose the job to the person. Not knowing someone influential at the company (Oga at the top) might cost you the job sometimes.

ADVICE: You shouldn’t take something like this personally. It happens now and again, and if you were in the same position where you knew someone in a company you would do the same especially when you match the qualifications being required.

You are not Attractive!
Hmmm…so employers actually look at beauty? Don’t be totally naive here – employers are human and act like humans as well. Just like you can be swayed by beautiful ladies or handsome dudes. This is not true for everyone. Definitely a true professional will always pay more attention to what you’re bringing to the office instead of being just a pretty face.

ADVICE: Before you go for any interview try as much as you can to look your sharpest and give it your all. But wait, for ladies don’t wear too much make up or dress indecently. If you feel like you didn’t get the job because of the model look-alike sitting next to you waiting to go in – chances are you’ve just done yourself a favour and walked away from working in an organisation where productivity is more of an afterthought.

You are too Attractive!
The exact opposite of the scenario mentioned above could happen as well. You could very well be the model that walked into the interview room and didn’t get the job because you were much too attractive. Hmmm what won’t be a problem? Why is looking good costing you a job likewise? Quite simply the interviewers may feel the dynamic in the office might change and you would prove to be a distraction to existing employees even if that is the thing farthest from your mind.

ADVICE: Sure, if the job you were going in for was a modelling one – you’re gold. But few jobs would really require stunning good looks. If you want to be taken seriously and prove you have a mind under your hat – bring along a track record of strong performance in previous roles and/or endeavours.

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