Why Are You Stuck With a Job You Don’t Like? What to Do If You Hate Your Job

In a social media survey recently carried out hundreds of workers and career people gave varying complaints on what they dislike most about their job. Ranging from poor staff welfare, very low pay to even lack of work challenges there are certainly many issues that make work less pleasant for many people.
Nigeria is littered with people who do not fancy their current jobs but are left with no choice than to stick with it.

There is Nothing Like Job Security

In the current business clime where even top executives taking home six figure salaries and living the big life suddenly find themselves out of job there is certainly no more assurance that your job will remain yours forever. So even if you don’t hate your current job getting that into perspective and planning along makes it easier to be ready when push comes to shove.

This takes us to the choice effect. If you hate your job and there are plenty other available options you most certainly wouldn’t be at the job now. The apparent low availability of jobs compared to the ever growing number of seeking candidates make it imperative to hold onto a job you don’t care about. Or leave if you have better plans

You generally have two options when you find yourself in a situation where you don’t like your job. You may need to do something about your situation taking any of the two options if you are to ensure you don’t find yourself out without a job tomorrow. Trust me, given the apparent lack of job security, your employer will not hesitate to give the boot if your dislike of your job becomes too noticeable or your performance decreases as a result of the lack of motivation on your side.

Why Many Manage Jobs

Truth is there is hardly any job that comes with all good and no bad. While you may hate where you work and what you do currently you may not want to leave your current job hastily. Most people you know in life actually manage their jobs, very few actually love what they do so much that they can take a significant pay cut and still be happy doing it.

If you hate your current job you may have to keep going at it and plan your future quietly. Keep the fact that you dislike your job to yourself and your family or close friends. Managing that job means making a conscious effort to put in a great shift and do your best while planning for better work.

Do You Have a Choice?

When questioned most people who hate their jobs and yet stick to them reply that they have no choice. The labour market is so competitive that many are scared to leave their jobs despite the choking issues they may have with the job.

For those who hate their job there is always the choice to leave but it is one I advise that be followed with planning and caution. Before we explore the option of leaving there is another option.

Have you considered ways of making your work more enjoyable? Are there things you could do to make the job a little bit more endurable? If it’s to do with location can you ask for a transfer (if your firm has several branches) to a location that suits you better? If it’s the time you have issues with check to see whether you can work from home some days of the week. Some professions (such as developers) can get this request granted easier than some others.

Outline the reasons or issues that make your job a nightmare (could be low pay, poor treatment by management, anything). Then try as much as you can to find solutions against each issue.
If at the end of your appraisal and troubleshooting you can’t just stay then it may be time to plan for a new job. Just don’t quit yet!

Before quitting there are things to do to make sure you don’t get yourself in tight corners. If your job has certain benefits for staff who reach a certain number of years working consider if you are close enough to getting those benefits. I know a young man who wanted to change careers and had to stay a couple more years in his previous job (which he hated by the way) to qualify for retirement benefits. Immediately he clocked up the minimum 10 years he submitted his resignation, took his emoluments and benefits amounting to a nice chunk of money and went on his way. However if you work in the private sector in many cases you are getting little or nothing.

The most important thing to do before quitting is to get your job search up and running. It will be better if you secure another job before handing in your resignation.

What to Do to Get a Better Job

Get Better Yourself

To get a better job you have to get better yourself, learn new and better skills, network more and know more. Lots have been written on innovative and unique job search.

Start Job Hunting

Job hunting while you are at your current job will require that you go about it in a smart way. If you have friends and acquaintances in the likely places you want to work you can start putting in requests for information on possible openings. Remember if you don’t ask you don’t get. Use these ideas to take control of your job search.

Moving on

When you get the better job be sure to leave your current job as gracefully as possible. No need stirring up hard feelings that may come to haunt you in your new job no matter how badly you feel you have been treated.
The standard procedure is to submit your politely written resignation with a two weeks’ notice. Offer to help any new hand to get things going within that period.

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