Facebook Purchase of Whatsapp for $19 Billion: Work Related Facts You May Not Know About Whatsapp

By now everyone who has a connected smartphone or accesses the internet regularly would be aware of the recent acquisition of Whatsapp by Facebook for $19 billion (did I hear you say holy shit?!)

By all standards that’s some serious whooping bunch of money for the messaging tool used by over 450 million people worldwide. Reports say 50 billion messages are sent via Whatsapp daily. That’s huge!

Now there are some other workplace related stuff you may not know about Whatsapp; like some people may expect that for a company of that size they’ll probably be very big in numbers. Quickly here are a few things to know about Whatsapp

50 – Whatsapps entire employee size is 50. If you expected that for a company of that size their employees would be far more in number you are wrong. Whatsapp has always been a small effective group of team members working to deliver the best mobile messaging platform.

32 – No of engineers working in Whatsapp Inc. That amounts to about 14 million users per engineer.

0 – Whatsapp has no employee in marketing and PR department. Their growth has become mostly as a result of users making it go viral. Friends tell friends who tell other friends to download the app. That sort of thing.

2 – Whatsapp co-founder Brian Acton was out of job in 2009 after working for Yahoo. He applied to work for Twitter and got rejected. Facebook also turned him down. 5 years later the same Facebook that rejected him at an interview paid $19 billion for his Whatsapp Inc. the company he co-founded with Jan Koum.

So you see every disappointment and rejection you get when searching for a job doesn’t mean you give up. It means something bigger is on the way.

See Brian Acton’s tweet in 2009 after being rejected by Facebook;

Brian Acton (Whatsapp co-founder)'s tweet in 2009








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