How To Cope With Stress in a New Job

If you are starting a new job it is important that you try to commence work in the best possible conditions and frame of mind. This includes ensuring that you are note stressed up with the demands of your new workplace and with the desire to make the right starting impressions.

There are several reasons to be stressed in a new job. They include; learning new routines, learning new systems, striving to impress superiors, learning to cope with new and sometimes difficult personalities.

You obviously cannot control everything in your environment or at the workplace still you do have some role to play in ensuring you start with best possible conditions and emotional stability.

No matter the demands of your new job here are a few actions and steps you can take to ensure you remain in good condition and keep your overall stress levels down.

1. Try to Communicate

Many may not know that communication gaps end up creating lots of stress and issues for colleagues at the workplace and between superiors and their juniors. One of the ways to limit and remove unnecessary stress is to strive to convey exactly what you mean and also always ensure to get the expectations of your employer from you clearly spelt out.

2. Listen More and Talk Less

The early days of working at your new job are very important for you to understand as much as possible about your co-workers. Those days should be spent doing as much of your job as you can while being very observant and not inquisitive.

It’s a time worn advice by the ‘Mafia’ for beginners to always talk less and pay more attention to how things work around them. Doing this will save you more trouble and stress than you know.

3. Be Organised

It’s not a coincidence that organised people produce and achieve more. Being disoriented and unorganised about what your day will be like is an invitation to chaos induced stress. When you are sure of your daily work schedule it is important to draw up your daily to do list and work plan.

Capture the most important, impactful things to do and try not to clutter too much to do for the day. Organise each day as much as possible the previous night so the morning doesn’t turn chaotic.

4. Always Seek for Help

Instead of assuming things wrongly and making unnecessary mistakes, bringing undue pressure on yourself, don’t hesitate to ask questions on stuff you are not sure about. If you are new you are welcome to ask questions about aspects of your job you do not grasp. Doing this is much better than steamrolling your way and getting yourself worked up trying to solve issues you could easily get help on.

5. All Work and No Play

One recipe to ensure you end up getting worked up at your new job is to ignore relaxation, sleep and play. Your employer will definitely have some time set aside for breaks. You can ensure you relax a bit after doing great work. Engaging in light banters at work helps in no small way to cope with the work load you are saddled with.

A workplace filled with friendly banter helps staff relax and work better.

6. Get Your Workstation to Be as Comfortable as Possible

You may have spend a fortune designing and keeping your living space cosy but your work desk is where you’ll be spending much of your waking time at. Little things like choosing the right seat, getting sufficient lighting etc can go some way to helping you get less stressed while doing your work.

7. Look After Yourself

That you have a new job doesn’t mean you overlook your personal wellbeing, abandon your daily exercises and resorting to unhealthy eating.

People underestimate how much a job can make them fall out of shape; from starting to eat junk food to doing less and less exercise they soon realise they have fallen out of shape and become more stressed.

DO you have any more ideas on how to cope and overcome stress at a new job? Please share them via the comments.

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