Good News For Education Degrees: Why Education Graduates Can Now Match Fabulous Salaries of Other Professionals

Before, during and even briefly after my days as an undergraduate, one faculty I wouldn’t want to go was the Education faculty.

“Me! Teacher? I can’t even imagine it.”

Such was the disdain I had for an education degree then. And many undergraduates still nurse the same resentment. Absurdly enough, even many of those that are currently studying for education degrees aren’t that proud of it. Approach the frank ones among them. They’ll bluntly tell you they got into it as a sort of last resort – that all hope would not be lost.

Truth is that I don’t blame them. Who should blame them? Considering the peanuts teachers (even our highly respected lecturers) earn in comparison with their counterparts in the corporate world. Little wonder why many of my teachers then had to ‘invest’ in grueling farming and other not-too-fanciful businesses.
“Teaching nah sufferhead!” According to ‘Nigerianized’ pidgin.

But as soon as I got my job, the current one at where I’m the HR Manager, some six years ago, my entire perception of the teaching world took a new turn. And I hungrily wished I had an education degree. I still do. Education degrees are now a diamond mine.


The Advent of International Schools

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not referring to the oversized kiosk behind your house with the bogus sign post that reads “XYZ International School”. Forget those contraptions. I’m pointing your attention to the high-end schools that cater for the children of the upper-upper class of the society. Schools that compete with and even sometime defeat the banking sector in terms of pay.

Where I work, teachers reap the benefits of their sweat here on earth. Unlike the discouraging mantra of rewards of teachers been in heaven. Whoever comes to labor here for an elusive reward in heaven? How sure are we that all teachers will be fortunate enough to get their accounts credited in the Central Bank of Heaven?

These international schools where teachers are handsomely paid are springing up here and there. It’s more like a competition now. And teachers, competent and quality teachers are in high demand. Don’t worry that you are just coming out of the university. There are chances for entry levels.

What do you have to get in order to up your chances?

Well you’ve got one! A good education degree is the foundation. Then, a PGDE or a PGCE is a plus. Find out what you have to do on stuff like IGCSE (many of these schools run exclusively British curriculum). You may pay a visit to the offices of the British Council to know more about their certification programs.

Lest I forget, some subjects are hot cake!

If you don’t have them, you may do an additional course on any of them. History is extremely rare in Nigeria as a course but it’s one subject that these international schools don’t joke with. Closely related to History in the degree of demand are Drama (Creative and Performing Art), modern foreign languages like Spanish, Italian and French and of course, Music.

So if you’ve got it, please flaunt it.

Taiwo Adeyemi is the HR Manager of an international secondary school in Nigeria (Day Waterman College). He writes the Healed by Inspiration Blog

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Taiwo Adeyemi a passionate and inspirational freelance writer. A motivational speaker and a blogger. He holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration with experiences in finance, teaching, public speaking, writing and music. His passion for inspirational writing and speaking has seen him publish a book Ideas: From Nest to Transformation. He is putting finishing touches to a second one. Contact him. 09097348380


  1. Andrew says:

    This is an enlightening post. I admit I was just like the writer before now: despised education for obvious reasons. But as Prof. Soludo once said, ”who will teach our children” if we (from govts to the lowest clerks) still hold this type of attitude to education? Thank God some of the international schools are in the vanguard for change here. If you have passion for teaching, this is for you; you do well to swim with the positive development.

  2. Thanks for the post. I once had such attitude towards education even though I have a degree in education history. I graduated 2007 and ive been working in a different field. How do I make a transition back to education. I have tried getting a job to practise what I studied in school but I have no experience. What do I do?

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