Tips on How to Excel in a Phone Interview

If you have ever done a phone interview you would agree it is never quite like the physical option. For one you are not seeing the interviewer and his reactions to your responses. However fundamentally excelling in a phone interview does not require so much different from physical interviews. Phone interviews can be mostly for screening purposes to determine which candidates are worth a further chance at a face to face interview.

Below are some expert tips on how to prepare and do well in a phone interview

1. Plan for the Interview Time

If you have received an email or a text message informing you of the date and time for a phone interview be sure to schedule your activities so you will be free and available at the stated time. There is no quicker way to miss an opportunity for consideration than not being available when the employer calls your phone.

Try to be in a noise free place where you can take the interview call without distraction.

2. Keep Your Reference Materials Handy

Make sure before the time for your phone interview that you have important documents and reference materials like your CV, your research notes about the company and a copy of the job posting details handy. You don’t want to be running around trying to pull up a particular document while being interviewed on the phone.

3. Listen More

Try to listen patiently to the interviewer and only speak when you are sure the interviewer has ended each question. Interrupting and interjecting while the person on the other end is still talking will only hurt your chances.

4. Get the Caller’s Name at the Beginning and Use It Formally

It’s a sign of your attentive nature when you are able to capture and remember the name of your interviewer. Try addressing him during the interview by his name using Mr and Ms. as the case may be. Don’t be tempted to just address them by their first name only since this is a formal situation

5. Be Pleasant and Business like

Respond to questions in a clear and friendly tone while also keeping your responses professional. Be sure not to talk too fast for the interviewer to fully follow your answers.

6. Always Thank the Caller for the Time and Opportunity

Take a moment before you hang up to show appreciation to the caller for calling and having the discussion with you.

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