Top Five (5) Tips To Prepare For A Job Interview

Making a terrific impression is necessary in a job interview. The moment you enter the premises, the way you move and walk, the manner in which you carry yourself and answer the questions being thrown at your direction determines if you are suitable to be part of the organization you are applying for.

How To Prepare For Your Job Interview

Get ready to ace your interview. Be prepared to succeed and land that coveted job. Here is some advice to show you how.

1. Do your homework.

Compile everything you can about the company you are interested in joining. How long has it been in the business? What is its vision and mission? What is its current standing in the market? Who are its local and foreign competitors? The more you find out about the firm, the higher the chance you will satisfy the person who interviews you as you can pattern your words based on the company’s ideals and expectations. See if you can learn beforehand who the interviewer will be. Search for his or her profile on the web. Knowing his or her background and achievements may help you later on win his or her favor.

2. Practice a lot.

Practice how you talk in front of the mirror. Observe your facial expressions and tone of voice. Try doing monologues and capture it on cam. Highlight your strong and weak points. Seek the help of a friend or family member and do a role-play – your dad as the recruiter, you as the applicant. Have him note down good and bad comments. Handshakes are one of the body languages that determine your personality. Study then how you can impress a professional image with a nice and firm handshake.

3. Get acquainted with the common topics that arise during the entire process.

Top ones include:
• Personal details and sentiments. The standard “Tell me about yourself… ”; what your passions are; your strengths and weaknesses; your career goals; how you imagine yourself 5 or 10 years from now; how you define success
• Work experience. What you like and dislike about them; the greatest accomplishment you achieved there; the major challenges you faced then and how resolved them, how you handled the pressure and stress; why you left your previous professions; what your compensation level was.
• Career Objective. Why you want to work in the said organization, why they should hire you.

4. Choose your wardrobe carefully.

For men, opt for a solid-colored suit with white long-sleeve shirt and slacks. For women, go for coordinated blouse and suit skirt. Be wise with the accessories. Limit your jewelry. Polish your shoes. Have your clothes prepared the night before.

5. Know the venue.

One factor that determines your ability to be hired is your punctuality. So if you are being interviewed in a City, for example, make sure to check out in advance the map to understand which routes will be the easiest for you to take. Do not stay late the night before and leave your home early so you will not give a tardy impression when you arrive at the location.

Cris is guest blogger and a business enthusiast, interested about marketing field. Works as a copywriter in Makati City here in the Philippines

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