5 Effective Resume Writing Tips for Lawyers

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A lawyer’s job demands deep study of hefty documents, files and endless paper work. It certainly is a rigorous work out for your mind if you have studied law, and are now practicing it or at least looking out to start somewhere. Although skilled at speaking and brilliant at using their wits to detangle a case, very often, lawyers make mistakes while making their resumes, which cast an adverse effect on their portfolio.

Here are some tips which they could follow for drafting an effective resume..

1) Language

Please be very careful that while preparing your resume as a lawyer, you never use the language which colloquially acceptable, is flingy and gives a very casual and carefree impression, since carefree is what exactly you cannot be while performing the job of a lawyer. Replace that with prudent.

Hence, make sure that the language which is used while writing your resume is professional, objective and crisp. Do not use very complicated or double meaning words or sentences while describing your skills and expertise. Make sure the facts which you put in there are credible and authentic and if in case you do wish to hide something, back it up with a solid support so that nobody could catch it.

2) Length Of The Resume

Mind the length of your resume when you are writing the same and make sure the points which are the most important are covered right in the beginning, while the less significant ones should come at the bottom. Include pointers rather than writing paragraphs about your skills.

The people from the HR department, who usually conduct all the interviews have a really limited time and energy consuming job. So it would be better for you if you could empathize with their mental condition. After going through colossal amount of resumes their minds would get exhausted, so if your resume is not the one to be reviewed first then they might just reject it, simply by looking at its length and getting irritated by it.

3) Academic Qualifications

It must have taken years to finally achieve that law degree after attending tedious lectures, studying the hefty notes and books and striving every moment to get placed at the best law firm in the country. So why not flaunt it on your resume? Your resume should speak out loud about what you have studied, the degrees you have gained and how far you went during your academic years to achieve excellence.

Any awards or accolades, even small prizes won for any activity during college must be clearly mentioned on the resume. Let the interviewer get a clear outline of your potential and capabilities and all the labor you have put into those hard years of learning at law school.

4) Work Experience

If you have already gained experience for a year or two then make sure you mention your work experience in detail on your resume and give a clear description of what you were required to do on a particular case and the experience of working with the concerned law firm. After mentioning about your qualification and academic excellence, give a handsome display of your professional interface. However, if you are just a fresher then you should try to include your experience during internship and any other academic interface with the legal industry. Remember, your practical experience speaks volume than your degrees. After all, every master wishes to keep trained horses!

5) Successful Cases

This tip largely applies to the lawyers who have good experience in the field. Or if you are among the spunky ones and have achieved success on any case which you got to assist on during your internship and training , then of course do not hesitate to mention the same on your resume. Writing in detail about what the trial was, what complications it consisted of and how entangled was the issue would give weight to your resume.

Highlight the solutions which you provided and give a portrayal of your wit and logic which you sued to win the case. Everyone salutes the successful! And do remember to talk about it confidently when the interviewer asks you about it during face to face interaction. What you mention in the resume has to be always backed up by a confident explanation to make your experience even more authentic to the interviewer.

Alistair George is a blogger for Drug-Attorney-Reno. He likes to blogging about legal issues related to Criminal Defense, Crime and Drug.

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