10 People Searched Most by Nigerians in 2013 (Google Zeitgeist 2013)

2013 has come and gone; apparently there were people many Nigerians were interested in getting information on. These are people Nigerians according to Google searched most about. So you could say they were the most popular in 2013 in terms of online searches for information about them.

Without much ado here are the 10 people we searched most on Google in 2013.

1. Goldie Harvey

The former Big Brother Housemate topped the list for most searches in 2013. February 2013 was the peak period when most people searched information online about Goldie. This was due to the fact that she died on 14th February, 2013 in not so clear circumstances. The accompanying stories of her purported marriage to Andrew Harvey and relationship with fellow star housemate Prezzo.

Most of the searches in Abuja and Lago demographies.

2. Pope Francis

Searches in Nigeria around April 2013 showed what a large population of Catholics and Christians interested in the papacy in the country.

The pontiff was well one of the top searched for personalities for the periods of April, May and August 2013.

3. Gonzalo Higuain

Inexplicably the Argentine footballer who previously plied his trade for Real Madrid in Spain was a well searched term around July 2013. Most of the searches for Higuain was from Lagos.

4. Paul Walker

The famous Fast and Furious actor died in 2013 and it was little wonder he was among the persons most searched for on Google during the year.

5. Damoche

The death of the upcoming musician was probably a major reason for the high volume of people searching for information about him in Nigeria during March and April 2013. His death was linked to cultism and that definitely spiked people’s interest to know the details.

6. Oscar Pistorius

The South African sprint runner whose both legs are amputated was popular in Nigeria as he was in the whole world for the wrong reasons.

Allegations and court cases on his alledged murder of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp made Oscar very visible in the internet searches.

7. Luiz Suarez

The Uruguyuan striker was popular in internet searchland in Nigeria several times during an eventful year in which he was banned for biting a fellow player (Chelsea’s Ivanovic) among several other notable events.

His highest visibility period was between July 28 and August 3, 2013.

8. Sunday Mba

In a year Nigeria, against all odds, emerged African Champions the former home based Eagle whose penchant for scoring crucial goals on Sundays during the African Nations Cup became very popular among Nigerians.

In February 2013 no one worth his salt as a football fan in Nigeria didn’t know who Sunday Mba was. If you scored the only and winning goal in the Final of a Nations Cup tournament almost everyone would search to know stuff about you.

9. David Moyes

Between May 5 – 11 2013 Manchester United new Manager David Moyes became a highly popular search figure/term in Nigeria. Since then he has been searched for regularly on the internet but the early part of May was when he was hugely searched online in Nigeria.

If you were taking over as Manager of arguably the most successful club in England after an equally high profile manager as Sir Alex Ferguson you bet the search engines will record a lot of hits about you.

10. Beverly Osu

From June 2 2013 onwards Beverly Osu regularly appeared prominently as one of the names most searched by Nigerians. Certainly any Nigerian lady that appears on Big Brother Africa assumes some celebrity status whether they have what it takes or not.

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