The Hottest and Potentially Most Rewarding Jobs in 2014

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Over the couple of years, the trends in job market have changed. It is not very easy to find a job. Today, the hunt for a job does not only consider the pay package but the potential of growth in the field as well. Some domains offer a greater scope of growth than the others. Keeping in view the market trends of recent times, experts are of the view that the following would be the hottest and most rewarding jobs in 2014.

Software Developers

The software market has seen a drastic and sharp boom. The industry is well received as its products and services are extremely beneficial and helpful for the consumers. No modern company in the world can work without a team of apt software engineers. These people shape up the tools to help and speed up the work of an organization. The opportunities in IT/Software industry in Nigeria is growing in leaps and bounds. IT and Software professionals are some of the best paid in various sectors of the country’s labour force.

Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

The competition in the business world is fierce. No matter what you do, you are bound to face cut throat competition. In these circumstances, a company can’t work blindly. These market conditions have increased the value and importance of Market Research Analysts. These marketing experts can predict the scope and trends for new products, they can measure up the popularity of a company and they can suggest the right target audience.

Web Developers

Web development is one of the fastest growing businesses. Cloud computing has created new dimensions of communication and virtual services. Experts don’t see a decline in this field anytime soon. Whether it is a simple website for contextual advertising or a dynamic e-commerce platform, web developers are going to be in demand for 2014.

Event Planners

Life is so busy that we no more can plan events on our own. Moreover, in this age of perfection, it is hard to excel in managing a high profile and important event. Event Planners are the people who are skilled at managing and arranging quality events and meetings. They take care of each and every detail i.e. the napkin colors.

Whether it is a bachelor party or a corporate business meeting, Event Planners are always needed. If you have good management skills, this could be the career for you.

Database Administrators

The days of carrying about and managing fat physical files are over. The data is stored in complicated but efficient databases. To manage these databases, every company needs the services of Database Administrators. Since most businesses have started using database support for storing important data, Database Administrators are very much in demand and will remain so in 2014.

Interpreters and Translators

Interpreters and translators are in great demand these days. The world has shrunk but people still use different languages which are not necessarily understood by everyone. Translators work on written material while the interpreters translate spoken words, often in two directions.

Translators are needed more often in the academic world while the interpreters are needed in the corporate scene where the communication between two different cultures is needed. This globalization suggests that the job of interpreters and translators is a hot one.

Kamran Ayyub is an expert writer and writes on behalf of Mihnati, a leading job portal for Jobs in Saudi Arabia, Middle East jobs.

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