Help Me Find a Job! The Unemployed Graduate Who Spent Last £500 On a Bill Board Begging to Be Employed

Just when you think you have seen enough innovative ways to look for jobs 24 year old Adam Pacitti comes up with a job hunting stunt that beats the imagination of many people.

News sites in the UK reported recently on Adam who graduated with a first class in media production came up with the idea of purchasing ad space on a billboard asking employers to please give him a job. He put up a website called and then put up the billboard ad.

The Adam Pacitti Job Ad

The Adam Pacitti Job Ad

According to the The Independent Within 24-hours, almost 10,000 people had tweeted references to the billboard, and as many again visited his website for more information on the unconventional mass-job application.

The 24-year-old from the Isle of Wight is yet to be offered his much sought-after first job in television production, but he is optimistic that his off-the-wall approach will bring success.

“This is it for me,” he told The Independent. “I am just looking for a job, that what it’s all about. I’m getting enough attention now that I’m hoping someone will come along and offer me one soon, hopefully in production. I’ve had no formal job offers yet, but fingers crossed within a day or so I should have something.”

Adam said he launched the campaign after hundreds of failed job applications and a string of only moderately successful home-made documentaries left him without a clear career path.

“I’ve probably sent 200 CVs out, but it’s so difficult to stand out on paper,” he said, echoing the concerns of thousands of graduates who are forced to find interesting answers to questions like ‘what would you say your weaknesses are in the workplace?’.

“This is my way of trying to stand out. I had a summer job in an arcade, which I have done every summer for the last three years, but I finished that in late September and I’ve been out of work since then.”
The billboard, which was actually £530 including VAT and genuinely did cost Adam every penny in his bank account, is accompanied by a 4-minute video CV, in which the unemployed student makes a series of humorous pleas for gainful employment.

“I am desperate, and I think I am showing that desperation,” he said. “I mean, all graduates are victims of the economic recession. People are willing to work for free, and that’s not easy. Their parents are able to fund them, but unfortunately I don’t have that luxury. It’s difficult to find a paid, entry-level job in media or anywhere.”

Though Adam’s approach is original, the situation he has found himself is far from uncommon.

Rebecca (who asked for her surname to be withheld) graduated with a 2.1 BA Hons degree in Media Arts and Cultural Studies at St Mary’s University College, Twickenham. She said: “Since leaving university I’ve been struggling to get into a career. I have been temping and volunteering for different jobs and I am desperate for an employer to give me a real opportunity.

“Right now, I feel like going to university was a waste of time and fighting not to loose motivation. ”

Now that’s a real crazy way to start job search in 2013. What is the craziest thing you have done in search of a job?

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