8 (Hilarious?) Ways to Handle a Difficult Boss

Bosses come in a whole lot of different shades; they could be egomaniacs or totally disorganised that you sometimes wonder how they got to be the boss in the first place.

There are many types of bosses (haven’t I said that before?) but they generally can be broadly grouped into a manageable list of behaviour types.

If you feel you’ve got a crazy, angry or plain stupid boss here are some ideas on how to cope or even handle them pretty well. We hope they help.

If Your Boss is Abrasive Become a Sponge

Scrub his ass (well .. not literally though) and become a sponge. Try and soak in his ideas on how things should be done. This type doesn’t really want to feel like they don’t know what they are doing.

If He is Inconsistent Keep Him on Track Subtly

If He is Indecisive? Take the Decisions You Can and Wait for the Rest

If He is Hot Tempered Try to Keep Ignition Points Far Away

If He is Rude Ignore Him

An Unorganised Boss? Fret Whenever He Gets His Desk Clustered or His Schedule Muddled Up

If He is Lazy Use the Initiative

If He Talks Too Much Be Silent

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