8 Things to Do to Get a Job Fast After Graduation

Many graduates leave school without any hint of available job opportunity for them to step into. From the moment you are done with school and youth service your job search should be an aggressive smart undertaking.

To help you become more effective and successful in getting a job as soon as you graduate from college/university here are some tips;

Create a Smart Compelling CV

Your CV is your spokesman in your absence. It is the one document that lets a prospective employer into knowing the kind of candidate you are and how suitable you may be for the job. Many fresh graduates complain they hardly get called to interviews and one major reason for that is their poor CV. Just how do you create a compelling CV that can increase your chances of getting called for an interview?

We have written several good articles on how to create an attractive CV but if you need expert help you can ask our Writers to help you write a powerful CV and Cover Letter. The difference between getting an interview and not getting noticed at all most times lie in your CV and to some extent your Cover letter.

Develop an Attractive Cover/Application Letter Template

As important as your CV is your Cover Letter as it is the letter the employer reads to have an idea of why he should go ahead and look at your CV.

Because most recruiters and employers are busy with lots of applications it is always better for your cover letter to be brief (at least a page in length) and straight to the point so the employer can quickly glance through and see the highlights of your suitability for the job. You can see how we help people write great cover letters here.

Learn All You Can About Preparing for Interviews

It is of no use getting your CV and Cover letter to a high quality level if you do not take advantage of the interviews you’ll be getting. See expert tips on how to prepare for interviews to help you.

Get a Constant Reliable Source of Job Vacancies Information

As a fresh graduate you will need to have a reliable means of getting updates on vacancies and job opportunities around your area of interest. You can click here to sign up for free email updates on available jobs based on categories of your choice.

Do a Relevant Practical Workshop or Training

To beef up your skills and expertise for a good job you must lean to acquire the right kind of skills you need by attending practical workshops, seminars and training programs.

Identify and Approach Influential and Accomplished People in Your Field and Community

If you are ambitious and want to get to the pinnacle of your career it is important that you start earling building strong networks of accomplished individuals in your field. If you are interested in pursuing a career in investment banking the more influential investment bankers you know and connect with the better your prospects of getting information and references on new opportunities in investment banking.

Pursue Internships With Target Companies and Employers

Be willing to work for free, in order to get your foot in the door. Paid or unpaid Internships, part-time and summer jobs can lead to good jobs. Do not ignore summer and part-time jobs. Be ready to prove your worth.

Contact Everyone in Your Network

Expand your network every day. Develop four or five questions to ask each person in your network. (Do you know anyone who works at XYZ company? Do you know of any employers that might hire a college graduate with an ABC major?, etc.) Be certain to ask for referrals to other contacts who might be willing to talk with you. Ask if it would be OK to stay in touch with them. Remember, you must regularly talk with your most productive contacts. Follow up with them every three or four weeks. Prepare a new set of questions. Try to help them. Always show genuine appreciation for the help you receive.

If you do the above with dedication you should find yourself in no time on a good paying job months after your graduation from college.

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