3 Ways to Know about Hidden Job Vacancies those Other Job Seekers do not Know About

This being our first post on career advice in 2013 we make it short, simple and straight to the point revealing information on how you can tap into the Hidden Job Market.

Everyday hundreds of jobs appear but not on the public job vacancies sites or newspapers. These jobs are not advertised. Insiders in the hiring organizations go ahead and inform quietly those they know and thus only applicants with access to the right information apply.

Hidden jobs are a constant feature of the job market. For some reasons some jobs are not advertised openly. If you are to access those jobs you’ll have to create an edge of information over others. You can do this by;

Following News in Your Target Job Area:

If you intend to pursue a career in engineering telecommunications one of the important things to do is to follows news and trends in that field. Read trade magazines on Telecommunications, research leading and upcoming organizations in telecoms and attend trade events and conferences in telecommunications.

Make Friends within the Industry:

A young man of 23 who got a pretty job with a top bank did so by acting on information given him by a senior friend working in the bank. One of the best ways to rise to the top in your career is to make influential friends.

Make Humble Requests

When you have established friendships don’t hesitate to make requests for help with your career. Call to ask of news and job openings in the company.
These actions will get you closer to being in a position to be informed on hidden job vacancies meant for the only privileged few.

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