Top 5 Career Trends in Nigeria for 2013

2013 may be the year Nigeria and the rest of Africa begin to adopt radical new technologies and subsequently new ways of work. The signs are already there that the workplace will no longer remain as we know it.

Here are five trends I believe will be more noticed in 2013 as regards our careers, workplace and how we work

Increase in Outsourced Work

Having started and worked in two promising startups I know firsthand how inconvenient it can be sometimes to get your own people to do a certain job in addition to their regular workload and at the same time you cannot afford to hire an additional permanent staff for the needed work. Outsourcing some aspects of the organisation’s work will become more seen in Nigeria in 2013.

Thus I predict a growth in independent contractors, freelancers who can get the job done for companies at a fraction of what it would have cost them to hire and keep a permanent team member. People with marketing abilities, design/development abilities etc will be able to do jobs for organisations on short term basis more often. Even in 2012 many of the job adverts we got indicated growing preference for short term, outsourced jobs by companies who wouldn’t want to hire permanent staff for such jobs.

Flexible Work Locations

Work from anywhere (including home) is going to become more of an option. Already several startups and firms now hire people who stay in their chosen location to work. The increasing internet penetration and grinding traffic situation in Nigeria’s major cities of Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt will further cause organisations to explore possibilities for hiring people and letting them work from their preferred location. Some work specializations will be more suited to this.

CV Padding Will Become More Dangerous

As the world gets more wired it is becoming very easier to check out a person’s profile and reach out to some of his contacts. CV padding or simply the inclusion of false information to make a CV look more qualified will become more dangerous. Employers will be more able to check you out and verify the information in your CV. They will get across easier to your past employers to verify the claims you make in your CV.

More Accessible and Customised Education

Educational startups will tend to make it easier acquiring specialized knowledge and skills to improve one’s career. Already online coding platforms are available to help programmer wanna-be’s get their learning started, same for graphic design and a host of other skill sets.

Domination of the Specialists

While it’s good to know a little about everything it’s the people who know a whole lot more about one industry that will be more in demand as more tech focused companies spring up in Nigeria. Poaching of talent (which is already happening) will become more common.

Learn all you can about your industry, build a reputation and you can be one of the dominant species.

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