5 Career New Year Resolutions You Don’t Want to Make

2013 is just around the corner (we may even be in it as you read this) and a new year always comes with some sort of resolutions.

If you are going to make some career resolutions for the new year below are five resolutions that may not be all that smart to make. Of course the suitability or otherwise of the resolutions depend on your situation and age.

Generally though if you are planning on kicking your career to a new level you may want to consider carefully before taking any of these on as one of your resolutions.

Eliminate Play Time

Many people think having leisure or play time is akin to low productivity but nothing is further from the truth. You actually need to cool off regularly, keep in touch with friends and family, become less busy on weekends if you wish to avoid burnout.

Never make a resolution to work all the time this year. If you plan your time well you can work as hard as possible and still play with friends and family.

Quit Your Job Too Early

Though you may be contemplating on quitting your job in the new year don’t just hand in the resignation letter without first making sure of your next step.

Get a Higher Degree

Sometimes getting a higher degree doesn’t amount to getting a higher earning power except you are in the academia. The huge amount you spend going for that post graduate course or MBA can serve you better getting prestigious professional certification and skills. This depends on your industry and nature of job anyway

Focus 100% of Your Time On Your Job

This is more like no. 1 above. Don’t ever think putting in all your time and leaving none for friends and family will make you build a bigger and better career. Learning to balance work and play is your key to a happy career.

Get Married

(okay this is especially if you are still young)

If you are 30 and above this obviously is not for you but if you are in you early and mid twenties and just starting a career the last thing you need is the distraction of marriage. Build your career for a few more years then get married.

Which other things will you advise a young career person just setting out to avoid making as one of his new year resolutions?

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