Keeping Motivated at Work in Face of Targets, Pressure and Employer Antics

Keeping motivated at work has been identified as one of the necessary characteristic an employee must possess if he must last in a workplace. Research has proven that when employees are motivated that productivity is usually on the high side. But how do you really keep motivated when employees from different backgrounds, beliefs, perspective, temperament and ideologies are lumped together into one workplace and are expected to get along together with each other?

In fact many companies who understand the value of staff motivation spend millions to put in place mechanisms, just to make sure that motivational downtime is kept as far from the office as possible.

If on the other hand, you belong to an establishment where nothing is practically done to keep you motivated, take heart. Millions of employees work in establishments where they find themselves struggling to keep motivated; on fact many employees believe their employer is the reason why they are not motivated at work.

I was once speaking with a friend who was a banker. I had worked as a customer care professional and I was going to talk to this friend about the amount of pressure I faced each day at work. To my surprise, by the time he opened up about what was happening in his own office, I began to understand that, compared to his situation, I had no problem in the first place.

On a regular basis, his supervisor would hold team briefings and during these briefings, some top management executive will call in and from some head office and begin talking to everyone, one after the other about how far they are from their targets. By the time he had finished with you, you’d be asking yourself what you were thinking when you took up the job in the first place and according to him, this happened frequently.

Many times people work jobs they are given impossible targets to meet, given projects they must complete on near- heartless headlines, without much consideration to how much time the project in question would take to be completed on a normal day. All they do is put the tools in your hand, tell you what the deadline is, then have a supervisor put fire on your bum and voila, you’d find the way to deliver.

No matter what side of the motivation coin you find yourself, it’s my take that you may want to keep motivated, so you can be productive and thereby give Mr. Employer reasons to keep you. We all know that the bills don’t understand the concept of motivation or de-motivation, Mr. Landlord too would not understand that you got so demotivated at work that you got yourself into probation or possibly sacked.

So go to work each day, revitalized, tell yourself that you can handle all the pressure the office will throw your way that day. Yes, I admit that employers can be funny at times with their targets and unwholesome pressure but hey, don’t let any of that make you not to enjoy yourself on the job. You may not be getting the best of pay at the moment or the most attractive of benefits, but since you spend about eight hours of your day in the office, you cannot afford to give anyone the satisfaction of ruining it for you. So keep motivated, keep delivering on deadlines, keep working hard and you’d become the boss one day.

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