Four Radical Ideas on Innovative Job Search That You Can Use to Advance Your Career in 2013

You probably are thinking right now that something better has to happen for your career in the New Year. If you are going to get the job that will match your ambitions then you must be ready to take the road less travelled. Getting the challenging and equally well rewarding job positions demand that you step out of the usual way of doing things and embrace several innovative job search methods.

In 2013 more than ever the competition for available positions will be fiercer as more people pursue the needed qualification for specific job positions. Your goal will be to always somehow distinguish yourself and get in front of recruiters and employers as much as possible.

The Usual Job Search Tools and Methods You Know May Not Be Enough

Majority of career individuals and job seekers certainly concentrate their job search around the newspapers and popular job boards. 2013 is the time to rethink how you go about your job search. A good number of good jobs do not make it to the advertising platforms and are quickly filled by referrals, employer strategic search and informal leaks. What this signifies is that networking has become more important in today’s job search especially if you are seeking higher level experience jobs and not graduate or low level jobs.

If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get

When you build your network to a very good level you get the added benefit of being able to politely ask several of your connections for specific help that will mean a lot to your push for career advancement. However making requests and asking for help should be something you use sparingly as it doesn’t pay to be seen as a pest by the people you know professionally. Also when you have to ask for help try and make definite requests and not something like ‘Can you please keep your ears open for me in case something comes up?’

A better way to ask for help will be something more definite for example; ‘Do you know someone I can speak to at XYZ Company for information on available opportunities for a logistics officer?’

A definite request makes it easier for your connection to help you out with the exact issue you want to be helped with.

Get Yourself a Card, Give them Away

Whether you are currently engaged or not you need to create a business card for yourself and give away as many as possible to the people you meet at industry events and people you meet who, by your discussions, you believe are in the position to contribute to your job or career aspirations.

Otherwise called a networking card having a career business card means you see yourself more than just another jobseeker with some years of experience. It means personal branding and image. When you meet people in your target industry and impress them one way or the other giving them your card will make it easier to get in touch with you if something comes up where they think you may be a good fit. As you hand out your card always be sure to make a simple request.

“Here’s my card. Will you be kind enough to let me know if any opportunity comes up in HR where my skills and experience will be useful?’

The above simple request or any variation will do. Thank the person when they accept the card. When you sow your seeds across many quarters you will be sure to expand the possibilities of getting the career boost you seek.

Write a Blog in Your Field and Promote the Hell Out of It

For people seeking executive or mid management level career opportunities starting a blog may be one of the most effective ways to grow your personal brand, become a recognizable voice in the industry and get the best possible job and consulting offers come your way.

Starting a blog has never been easier if you are good at writing. The process of research, study and writing to update the blog will invariably help you gain more knowledge on innovations and ideas in your industry.

While starting your blog it should be a good point to start with minimum two posts per week. You will also need to get traffic to your blog from the target community you are writing for. While writing a blog may not be too easy there are quite some other things to take care of such as optimizing your content for Search engines, promoting your blog through a variety of means to ensure you quickly build up a following.
The future is for those who have the courage and intelligence to do less of the things that everyone does with little results and instead follow more unique ways to get the attention of the society and the decision makers in their industry.

Paul Eze is the Co-founder and Vice President at one of Nigeria’s largest job search and recruitment website listing thousands of jobs for over 1000 companies and recruiters monthly. He tweets via @paulemekaeze

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