Office Dress Code Tips for Employees

The way that people dress is really important. Within the next few lines we would like to talk about office dress code and some of the do’s and don’ts. The office-appropriate fashion seems obvious. However, there are still too many people who keep making the same mistakes, especially during the hot season. The problem might be because of the lack of dress policy of your dress company.

Living in the modern world means that people can dress in the way they like. Most of the small companies are not having dress policy, especially the casual, small ones. Anyhow, if the people working there do not know how to dress properly according to the occasion, then it might be a good idea to consider setting up a dress policy.

If you don’t need such drama in the office, then consider drafting a fashion that everyone should fallow. And since we know that even the best policy sometimes might be ambiguous, we are here to point out some of the most common mistakes that people do while dressing up for work. First we will go for the don’ts and then will pay attention to the do’s.


– When the temperatures go higher, some people tend to always get a little bit carried away and go in the office in shorts or even skimpy pants. Other not so appropriate dresses are sheer dresses, tube tops, micro-miniskirts. Make sure that your employees get this no matter of the size of your company

– Forget about the sloppy look. Partially untucked shirts, baseball caps, torn clothing – all this make you look sloppy, and if an employee looks sloppy, this can be considered as them trying to make the business look bad. This “I just got out of the bed” look should be forgotten because customers want to feel comfortable with the person they have been talking to.

– Some women might want to wear midriff-baring tops during the hot months, but bellies at work are not recommended, so this is why such dressings are also not preferred.

– The tatted-up employees are also not that appropriate when it comes to working with customers. This is why if you have any tattoos make sure to worry about the message they are sending.


– Choose Capris! Many female employees don’t feel comfortable with the woolen slacks they used to wear during the winter. Lucky for them, capris can look both professional and fashionable and this is what makes them such a great compromise

– Keep it simple – the business casual has become a new standard for the workplace and there is a solid reason for this – it doesn’t scare the potential clients and it shows how tasteful you can be.

– If you dress provocatively this can lead to unwanted behavior from other employees and the last thing you need is sexual harassment while at work. Instead, you can go for the top and vest combo that is really fashionable, easy and possible.

– As mentioned in the DON’TS section, tattoos are not really preferred, but if you have any, make sure to keep them under your clothes, because many potential clients might not like them or the message they send.

Those are some of the basic rules that every employees should stick to. After all you should represent your workplace and you can’t go there as if you are at home during the weekend – you need to wear nice and fashionable clothes!

Connie loves to write about career development and self improvement. She currently works for Shiny London House Cleaners and has a lot to share.

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