Career Q & A: Why Do I Not Get Invited to Job Interviews Despite Submitting Numerous Applications

We start a much requested feature on our career blog today; Career Q & A where our writers, and HR consultants will be publishing answers to various nagging career and human development issues.

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Now to our first question of the Q & A series

Kelvin from Lagos asks;

“I Have Sent my CV to Several Organisations Without Being Called To Interviews. Why?”

Okoli also asked a related question so we take on both at the same time

“I studied marketing in a reputable university and I have one year full time experience. My question is I have been sending my CV to various organisations but I have received no reply or called for an interview. Please reply”


Okoli’s problems are very common in the Labour market. We have encountered many job seekers whose major problem is to get invited for interviews in the first place.

We’ll begin by going through possible reasons why a job seeker and especially our friend Okoli and Kelvin may have been unable to get invited to interviews;

Failing to Stick to Application Guidelines

Some months ago I helped in recruiting front desk officers and office assistants for a firm in the southeastern part of the country and the initial advert the company put out stated quite clearly that such applicants should be resident in that part of the country. Surprisingly over 50% of applications came from outside the specified area. Automatically such applicants were never considered.

It is a waste of time for employers and recruiters to look into your CV and submissions if you failed to adhere to any of the application guidelines they stated in the job advert. Still somehow many jobseekers go ahead to submit applications without carefully ensuring they meet and observe all stated application guidelines. What other way to tell the recruiter that you will be difficult to work with and follow instructions?

Be sure to always pay attention to the mode of application, eligibility for application guidelines in job adverts before you put in your application.

Low or Insufficient Qualification

Since employers and recruiters typically get hundreds or even thousands of applications from career seeking individuals they are not going to spend more than a few seconds glancing through your CV and once they see you are not anywhere near having the requirements and qualifications for the job your application almost always ends in the trash folder. On way to reduce the chances of this happening is to carefully go through the qualifications required for each position you apply to and make sure your current qualifications measure up to at least 70% of that required. Most times you will need to adjust your CV a bit more to either cut out the non-relevant qualifications you have there and include the more relevant ones. You do this for every distinct and separate job application. More on the CV issue later.

Use of Non-Targeted CV/Cover Letter

In the past months we have rendered top quality CV rewriting services to thousands of job seekers and experienced career persons we have discovered a worrisome trend where people virtually use that same one CV they saved in their inbox to apply for hundreds of different jobs. In the end when you don’t get called to interviews despite submitting hundreds of applications the problem lies with your CV 99% of the time.

When we create CVs for career individuals we create an adaptable format that such persons can easily add or subtract information from depending on the job application they are using it for. It is never a wise thing to use that one CV unchanged to apply for a data officer job and a customer service job at the same time. The two jobs will have different requirements and highlights. The wise thing will be to evaluate the requirements and qualifications for each job you apply and fine-tune your CV to match such requirements for each job. You are however advised not to pad your CV or include unverifiable and false information.

Correcting the Issues raised in this article will ensure a greater positive response rate for any jobseeker. Try them out today and watch yourself get called to interviews in at least half of all applications you submit.

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