4 Little Known Ways to Get Lucrative Job Offers Online

It is no longer news that the jobs are moving online these days as more and more recruiting organisations see the drift of their target candidates towards digital platforms. Chances are that as you are reading this you may have submitted several job applications via a given email address or in-built submission form where you also upload your CV for the recruiter’s viewing.

While newspapers like the Guardian continue to publish job vacancies and opportunities major focus is now being shifted to online mechanisms. Even in the online mode of recruitment there are a few distinct methods a company can use to get the top talent it seeks. Aside from posting on job boards recruiters are also tapping into the area of talent search and attraction especially for job positions where they require candidates of particular experience who demonstrate the ability to get going on the job from day one.

The focus of this article is how a jobseeker or career individual can get lucrative job offers in ways that most people either do not know or are too lazy to follow. The usual well known style of seeking jobs is to browse the job boards and submit applications. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach it helps to a great degree (especially if you are seeking to get unique and lucrative job offers) to develop a less followed strategy to get yourself and your profile before the recruiters and high profile companies and get invited to the sort of job that comes with greater demands and of course rewards.

Quickly here are four ways to get before employers, build your image online and get attractive job offers from organisations that will see your immense value.

Get yourself exposed and very visible

These days when there are always hundreds of thousands of people either seeking their first jobs or seeking to change to better jobs you need to do all you can to get the real juicy jobs. The popularity of various social channels on the internet has made it possible for an ambitious career person to build an image that will attract the attention of high profile recruiters and companies.

The first step to creating a visible online image is to join and create profiles, don’t just use a CRM for recruiting. Find the most used social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Your description of yourself should be as professional yet as simple as possible.

A major part of getting yourself exposed is that you will be out and about keeping up with industry events, innovations and progress on your field. If you are serious about getting lucrative job offers as an experienced career person you have to meet with people who matter in your industry. Meeting people and building connections is less daunting these days than before when there was nothing like social media. if you are seeking a potential successful human resources career you will definitely seek out the latest information on your industry and try to stay ahead of the trends.

Remember our advice in this article is never for people who are content to get offered just any job. This article, as ambitious as it is, is for people who are desirous to land very lucrative jobs with lots of further opportunities for growth at dynamic organisations. Such jobs many times are jobs reserved for people who have proved that they can walk smoothly into the position and make them their own.

Write a blog on Your Field and Related Issues

An authoritative blog is a top way to showcase your abilities to prospective companies who are on the lookout for mid or top level candidates who can do what is required of them in certain positions. However starting a blog entails lots of hardwork as you will be required to conduct research, write and put out informative and very useful posts at least 2 – 3 times a week. The major challenge to starting a blog on one or more aspect of your industry is the quality and accuracy of your posts and articles. If you can commit to research and put up regular posts that will show your good grasp and knowledge of your industry your chances of gaining recognition and relevance will increase.

One of the advantages of writing and promoting an authoritative blog focusing on your industry is that it can be the major source to starting a lucrative consulting gig which will mean that you will earn more than you could ever have at one job and build a reputation recognised across companies and organisations.

Tips to start a blog

Learn HTML and start with a wordpress blog. If you can’t or do not have the time pay a good designer to create one.

Set out time to create informative articles to post on your blog. For a starter you will have to post a minimum of 2 posts per week. Have a writing mini-pad or jotter as you go about each day to jot down post ideas that come across your mind. With the internet access of today you can easily research and get better ideas to fully write your posts. You can also search for more useful information on how to start a blog and take it from there.

Seek out Managers, HR Executives, CEOs of your Target Companies on Twitter, LinkedIn

Targeted networking across several social and professional networks will make it easier for you to get the needed access to quality job offers. These media provide you with the opportunity to connect with HR executives, CEOs and top influential personalities in your preferred industry or specialisation and show them how resourceful and knowledgeable you are in your field or industry.

The key here is ‘providing value” The worst thing you can do is make requests for job offers or harass the lives of the people you connect to with useless pleas. Begging is one way to deny yourself the benefits of networking for a better career position. The business world works based on what you can offer and not on sympathy thus your major aim in seeking out and connecting with well placed persons via social networks is to avail yourself the opportunity to learn from them, improve and subsequently avail yourself of the opportunities to show what you can do. A good number of people get good job offers (I can tell you) because somebody they know gave them tips on the availability of such vacancies and how to go about indicating interest.

These days as more and more business owners, CEOs, top executives go online it is a better opportunity for the ambitious career individual to make meaningful connections, impress and get into positions for better job offers.

Do the Opposite of What Everyone Else is Doing

If everybody is heading to the right take the left. That is the best way to distinguish yourself and attract the real juicy job offers. A story here will explain better.

A young female graduate was passionate about working with good international NGOs that will give her the leverage to make needed impact among youths. She started off her own little NGO, launched a blog and wrote on a combination of empowerment ideas and news of any empowerment initiative for youths. Gradually she sought out and connected with popular youth empowerment personalities. She also followed International NGOs with focus on youths on Twitter and LinkedIn. After a matter of months she got a little award as a youth empowerment advocate and things really started to take off from there. Not so long ago she got offered a good position in an international NGO for youth advocacy and empowerment. The real good news? The job was not full time and thus still left her time to do her little NGO work as well as tap into the network and possibilities the new position offered her.

Doing Things Differently may not be a very popular idea for jobseekers but if you are an ambitious career person seeking the chance to land bold career opportunities you can borrow from the ideas in this article to speed up your progress towards getting the kind of job only very few people get in their lifetime.

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