How to Increase Your Chances of Gaining the Long Desired Promotion in 2013

This article may be for people who are already working but even jobseekers still in the job market can learn valuable tips on how to fast track their career and achieve successs faster.

Getting promoted in today’s fiercely competitive workplace has become even more difficult and that is not about to change even in 2013. Not a few career people will be plotting, as the year 2012 ends, how they can improve their fortunes at work next year and gain increased salaries, bonuses and all the perks that come with a higher position.
Now seems the perfect time to plan how you will speed up your rise on the career ladder.

What to Do to Ensure Greater Career Success Next year

1. Get a Positive Attitude

The first thing to do towards becoming more successful whether in career or in business is to look inwards first and determine what you may be doing to stop yourself unknowingly from moving forward. More on that later.

No matter how smart you are your rise up the ladder in your organisation may depend more on your attitude towards work and of course your superiors. It has been determined that a positive vibrant attitude endears most people to you and the workplace is not an exception. Being willing to help out even when you have done your work and approaching all and sundry with warm positive attitude will fetch you more likes at work and definitely more points when promotion matters come up among the management.

2. Go the Extra Mile

Years ago I had a young new lecturer in my department who, within four months of joining the faculty was made the department’s Exam Officer (a position usually reserved for more senior staff of the department with minimum 3 years experience). How did he get there so fast? He was a pin-point extra miler (forgive my unconventional grammar). Within his first week in office he came in one day to greet the Head of Department and saw her practically struggling with a pile of paperwork and offered to help. Weakly she declined and asked him to not bother. Seeing she really needed help the young man insisted and took away the remaining pile of paper work. He was back with the completed work in a few hours and the Head of Department no doubt was immensely impressed.

The man continued to show his ability to take on extra work cheerfully and proved a reliable right hand man for the HoD. And so when the time for the new appointment came the Head of Department strongly recommended him to the faculty committee and despite reservations from several corners he was given his new position.

Going the extra mile intelligently shows your superiors you have the ability and discipline to take on more responsibilities and that exactly was what happened in this case.

3. Build the Right Image

Most people clearly underestimate the effects of appearance and image. In today’s sophisticated world branding is no longer for companies and big organisations. Individuals now project an image and brand that they want others to see. If you are seeking to gain promotion to an executive or more prestigious position then you have to first start projecting yourself as somebody who deserves that position. Read, research, become more authoritative and knowledge in the areas that are needed in your new position. Do the hard work behind the scenes but make it look easy before people (now that reads like a Mafia advice but it certainly works in the real world)

4. Network, Connect

If you are great net-worker chances are you will get even better and more prestigious positions outside your current company because you do not certainly depend only on the workings within your company. Great net-workers reach out to influential figures in their industry, offer value and get recognition. Social media and new technologies have made it easier to search, identify and connect with valuable members of your industry. Get on LinkedIn, Twitter and start networking.

5. Gain New and Vital Skills

This is one of the best ways to shore up your value and earn more. If you become more skillful in a few more important areas of your industry you can easily increase your earning power. If the company you currently work at does not recognise your increased value you can quietly network and seek greener pastures while keeping your current job. Increasing your skills can mean going to study a more specialised course, learning a new language (if you are in a field where versatility in communication is key), taking on new projects or volunteering to do something more challenging that will teach you more about something you don’t know etc.

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