How to Have a Great Day at the Office: Five Things We Recommend You Should Start Your Working Day With.

It is no longer a myth that how you begin a thing goes a long way to determine how well you do it. When it comes to your working day, most people have eight hours to work while other have far more. What our attitude and disposition is as we begin the day may either mess it up or make it a meaningful one. Below are a few tips.

1. Ensure You Eat Good Breakfast.

Taking a healthy dose of light breakfast before joining the morning rush will do your morale and stamina much good. Many times, we get ourselves entangled in the mad rush for work and we forget to eat. What this does often is to make us arrive without enough energy for the day’s enormous workload, forcing us to begin looking for who to send to buy this or that thereby wasting precious productive time. The ideal employee comes to work ready for the day’s tasks.

2. Leave Home-related Grievances at Home.

Your husband came home drunk last night and started an argument over a matter you’d conclusively discussed with him and kept bickering over nothing that needed bickering over. When you had heard enough, you extricated yourself and went to bed livid and this morning it has messed up your mood and one careless word from anyone would be the little spark you need to have the explosives inside of you detonate. Everybody has their downtime, but be professional enough to keep home related troubles away from the office.

3. Arrive on Time.

Many employers don’t joke with the subject of lateness. Many have workplace policies that severely punish lateness. I have once worked on a job where the resumption time was 7 am and you dare not resume a second later than stipulated. Many people believe that how early or late you arrive for work will determine how ready you’ll be to face the challenges of the day.

4. Take out Some Time to Organize Your Day.

The first 30 minutes of the day may be used to identify the priorities for the day. Itemize the responsibilities you are scheduled to attend to. List them in their order of importance and go ahead to start with the most important one. We know you can memorize them all, but you are more effective when you write them down and prioritize them.

5. Stay Away From the Phone (unless you are in sales or customer service).

The first few hours of the day largely determines how effective you may be for the rest of the day; so if the calls are not business-related, we’ll suggest that you keep away from the phones.

Imagine coming to work in the morning and updating ‘another 8 hours of workplace nightmares’ on Facebook and Twitter. Then you keep going back and forth to check if someone has commented, technically your day is already ruined because, psychologically, you are not there. So give you phone some distance, get a handle on things, get them moving then your phone can jump into your hand, provided it is not against company policies.

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