Before You Recommend That Friend to Your Employer for a Job

It is no longer news that sometimes CVs handed in by an insider or someone who knows someone gets better attention than those that were submitted online. The global labor market is now awash with myths of how that it is more of who you know than what you actually know. Indoctrinated with traditions like this, young graduates and job seekers tend to want to dispense their CVs at the slightest opportunity to anyone who cares or seems to care, a technique which in itself is not a bad idea at any rate.

The result of this however, is that almost every working class person in town must at one time or the other be confronted by a friend or relative who would want you to hand his or her CV to the HR manager. Inasmuch as you want to help this guy, you don’t want to get your reputation soiled or your name dragged in the mud for being a referee to the wrong guy, knowing that if the guy comes in and under-performs, the company is likely to begin to view both of you as liabilities.

Be sure to take care before recommending a friend or relative to your employer for a possibly vacant position.

Make Sure He is Someone You Can Trust.

Many times, while trying to help in matters like this, our sense of judgment gets so clogged we don’t see all the vital signs. Before you recommend anyone for employment in a competitive workplace (I’m not talking about government owned establishments now) you must know the person. Is he someone that can be trusted? Will he run away with the company money and his guarantor would get apprehended?

Is he really willing to work or is he just looking for a salaried job to lazy around in? Does he have enough expertise to handle the responsibilities that would accrue to him? If the answers to these questions are yes, please do not hesitate to recommend, but if you don’t know the individual well enough to determine if he can be trusted with responsibilities, you may have to find out more before you stick out your neck.

Never Recommend Someone Simply because He is a Friend.

Someone may be a good friend but a bad employee. There is nothing wrong in recommending a friend but if you know that the friend in question is not patient enough to handle the responsibilities that would follow, do not bother.

Check Their Track Record, Go Through their CVs.

A local African adage when loosely translated goes thus: ‘I cannot kill myself trying to help you.’ Yes, you want to help them get the job and no, you don’t want to get sacked or into trouble for doing that, so you’d ask those professional questions to understand if their field of expertise covers what their new responsibilities should entail. Check their CVs, find out about past job performance and the reason why they are out of jobs in the first place. Don’t wait for the company’s HR department to discover all these for you.

Will he appreciate the job at all?

Although I must admit that this doesn’t apply to all, many of the people we recommend already have a job and are looking out for ‘greener pastures’. Imagine recommending someone and during the interview, he gets to know the salary and plainly tells the interviewer ‘Well, I don’t think I am going in for this job, I already have one and your pay is not good enough’ He has nothing to lose while you have much. So when you want to help people with a job referral, make sure you are giving to people who are not only ready for it, but will appreciate it.

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