How to Turn Your Internship into Full Time Job

During industrial attachment and NYSC many lucky interns find themselves in companies where they had wished all their lives that they’d work for. For many, even though that they have the proverbial foot in the door of such a firm, they do not really realize how close they are to getting a full time job there and many end up messing it all up.

It is like walking kilometers in a desert in search of water, getting close to an oasis and walking away without realizing that the water they are looking for is staring them in the face. Many of those never get another chance of coming close to such firms in a lifetime. Below are few tips that may help in turning internships into full time jobs.

1. Distinguish Yourself.

Usually interns don’t feel pressured to go to work early or do much work, but as an ambitious intern with a mission you should go to work early and focus on your responsibilities. If your manager is too hesitant to give you any responsibility, ask for it; because if you don’t get given meaningful and important tasks how then are you going to prove to them how useful you can be as a potential full time team member. Let your sincerity, diligence and character convince them. Talk to the boss about the projects they do, the skill they appreciate the most, ask him how you’d learn it. Let them see seriousness in you from day one.

2. Create Good Relationship with Other Employees.

This right here is to your advantage. When you have good rapport with employees, they are more likely to volunteer certain internal information that would place you a feet ahead of your colleagues when it comes to employment related matters. There are many interns who ended up getting a permanent position in the company where they did their internship mostly because they got vital tips on how to get hired by top management.

3. Ask for Career Advice From Your Supervisor and Senior Colleagues.

By simply asking your supervisor to advise you concerning your career options, you are indirectly telling him that you are smart and would like to work in the firm. Many senior employees would be more than glad to answer this question and if you have played your card well and your supervisor is on your side, he will begin to mention and recommend you in the right places. Senior colleagues can also hint you on people that got employed after their internship programs (now you know those people, you can actually walk up to them and ask for tips on how to do same). If you build the right relationships with others at the firm you can actually use to your advantage the ‘insider information’ that thousands of others seeking to work at the firm do not have access to.

4. Go Easy on the Office Internet.

We all know that the internet can be addictive and that everyone needs it but using six out of the eight work hours stuck on an office PC doing this or that online is totally unacceptable; in fact were you in the HR manager’s position, you wouldn’t have hired yourself. So go easy on the internet, you are there to learn, learn all you can, add value where you can, work hard (yes it is time to work hard) and you might be well on your way to getting that dream job after you internship.

5. Don’t Let Money Stop You.

Many of these companies make it clear that they don’t pay interns. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not interested, many are interested in serious ones, since the unserious ones would turn back once they learn that they’ll not be getting paid.

I learned of a man this morning that was even asked to pay some money to be accepted as an intern. Painfully he paid the money and began learning. He worked for one year without pay and when he got finished, he was hired. Now he’s like a project manager in the same firm where he wasn’t paid for a year. If they refuse to pay, it is okay, just learn and do your best, you’d be glad you did.

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