The Right Way To Turn Down a Job Offer.

Some years back I was working on a job that I was relatively comfortable doing and the pay was good when someone who knew me recommended me to another entrepreneur who needed my services. Being that it was a responsibility I could handle along with my job, I gladly carried on.

When the temporal arrangement was over, I was invited for a discussion and I was made an offer to work full time in the establishment. By this time I had created a good relationship that was worth more to me than whatever I may get paid in that job while the other job I held paid more and offered more benefits than the offer I was just made. After thinking about it, I gently turned down the offer and continued with my job.

Many people are blessed (or lucky, if you will); they may have more than one job offer at the same time. Some others simply get a single job offer and still reject it because of reasons best known to them (including pay, conditions of service etc). At that point, they get choosy and many make the mistake of ignoring the other when they have chosen one. Their reason for choosing one above the other may stem from pay and benefits, company policies, nature of work etc. No matter what the reasons may be, when we turn down a job offer the right way, it leaves the door open for further consideration in the future should we get interested again or need a job.

Go about turning down a job offer the right way if you feel you don’t quite want the job. Some tips on proper ways to turn down a job offer without creating enmity or bad blood.

Take Your Time to Choose.

This may be outside the scope of advice I should be giving in this article however it is important that you consider and weigh matters carefully before deciding to turn down a job offer. When offers like that come up, never be in a haste to choose one. Understand what the companies stand for, how financially sound and the kind of workload that is waiting for you when you resume. After getting enough information about all of these, then you may go ahead and choose one. Never be in a hurry to choose.

Send an E-mail or Call When You Decide to Reject an Offer

If you applied for a position in a firm, went through the interview process and eventually got the job, walking away without any explanation would not be a good idea. We must understand that it cost companies good money and productive time to conduct interviews; so when we are selected in that interview and we do not want the job, it is expected that we should inform them officially. You may go there in person, which is more preferable, call or send them an email. Never forget to give a little logical explanation as to why you won’t be able to take up the job anymore.

Leave the Door Open Always.

The fact that you got a better offer elsewhere does not mean that tomorrow you may not meet the requirements for a position far higher than what you currently hold. So don’t burn the bridge simply because you have crossed; you may have to pass through again, so leave the door open. When you eventually turn down the offer, be polite and logical so that if it happens that you may have to come back, you’d have someone inside who is on your side.

Make Sure the One Offer is Real before You Reject the Other.

Now this is really commonsense. A wise man once said that a bird at hand is worth more than a thousand in the bush. If you have two job offers and you weigh the benefits to choose one above the other, make sure that the one you chose is not only real but you have accepted it in person before you turn down the other so you don’t lose on both ends.

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