What to Do When the Boss Takes the Kudos for Your Work.

Have you ever labored for days spearheading a project and after the chips are down, the management thanks your supervisor and gives him a promotion while all you get is your salary (which by the way will come at the end of the month irrespective of whether you worked on the project or not) and a demoralizing ‘Ben, I think we should do more of projects like this’ from the very boss whose promotion sprang from your persevering effort.

The feeling is just about the same says Jacquelyn Smith, a Forbes career specialist, when you suggest a brilliant idea to your boss and he out rightly rejects it with the usual that-won’t-work speech bosses give when they try to explain what management would accept and what he can’t table before them; for you to later realize that he later secretly took it to the management and they accepted it, giving her all the credit and all you do is look on.

This happens almost every day in various workplaces. In an age where there is hardly any job security, many bosses would do anything to keep relevant and at least retain their position. Teri Hockett, a career consultant believes that bosses often do this when they feel threatened by the work of a smart employee which if they are not careful with, will expose their inefficiencies, so to appear productive and valuable, they tend to want to take credit for that employee’s work. When these things happen the normal impulse is outrage and temptation to act rashly. You can work around issues as this in better ways.

Don’t Go Around Telling Everyone That You are the One Doing the Job.

You may be the one doing all the good job in the department and the boss knows it and takes credit for the work, do not worry. You may think that nobody knows but your colleagues in the department know and word will always travel around. When you take vacations, everyone would see how that the work has almost ground to a stop and how that it goes full blast when you are back. Don’t be discouraged and go with the flow; do your job and one day, you’d be the boss.

Never Threaten Your Boss.

If you are the one whose ideas, suggestion and work have the most impact on the department and your boss gets the credit for your work, on no circumstance should you tell the boss that unless he gives you the credit that you’d stop contributing actively. Bosses hate to be threatened and can go a long way to put spanners in your work. Don’t get into the mess of angry confrontations and threats. As much as you can try to send short memos to higher bosses intimating them of your work especially if it falls under their jurisdiction.

Keep an Eye on the Job Market if…

If you work in a firm where your contribution both in ideas and labor keeps the company moving and no matter how you try they would not recognize your efforts, then I think you should be looking out for another job where your true worth would be appreciated, but hey, if the pay is good and you can see a career ahead of you in that establishment, then you need not look elsewhere, a little patient would do.

Never Allow that Demotivate You.

I know it is tough to have the very idea you suggested to your boss be the very idea that got him promoted and you are not recognized, I know how painful it feels. It feel even worse if you want to be promoted yourself and it is not forthcoming, but you’ve got to get over it and continue working, that boss won’t be there forever. Don’t let a man who has no shine make you refuse to shine; let your ideas and work make you stand out and in due time, you’d be glad you did. The sun can only but get hidden by clouds for sometime but as long as it keeps shining it will surely be seen by all.

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