Mistakes You Mustn’t Make Asking For a Pay Raise

When people own a business, their perspective is usually different from what it would have been were they to be employees. Imaging being hired by a firm; initially, you are started with minor responsibilities and even lesser criticism when you falter in your responsibilities. Two years down the line, your responsibilities have increased so enormously you can barely handle it, but your salary has refused to change, not even by a kobo. Naturally, after a while, you’ll begin to feel exploited or underemployed especially if the firm in question is a privately owned establishment without any clearly defines guidelines as to how and when an employee should get a pay raise. Basically, everyone deserves a pay raise, especially when they do their jobs right and have spent quite some time, but to avoid throwing the baby away with the bath water, here are a few tips.
1. Be careful with the timing. There is nothing wrong in asking for a pay raise especially when you feel you deserve them but hey, you must ask at the right time. Asking for a promotion when the boss is grieving over something or is not ready to listen to any small talk can do your request more harm than good. So the best thing is: time him, watch for when he is alone and his mood is light and don’t go and stammer; if you need to cram what to say ahead, just do that but be very logical and realistic. Never make the mistake discussing pay raise in the elevator or over the phone, when your timing is strategic, chances are you’ll get what you want.

2. Always take a holistic look before launching out. Let’s say you deserve the promotion and are even overdue for it, before you can make that request, be sure to take a holistic look at the business. Promotions are not based on merit alone, so don’t come requesting for a promotion when the future of the business has been predicted to be bleak or when sales are not turning out as expected. Find out how the business is doing and make sure there is no major event in pipeline that would sabotage your request and make you appear insensitive, selfish and blind.

3. Don’t be desperate. People can really be desperate without knowing that others notice and actually know what’s going on in their minds. When you incessantly begin helping the boss do his responsibilities just to get noticed, you call more than necessary especially at the wrong times for no tangible reason, many times, you end up as an object of mediocre because everyone will notice and many will begin calling names. Do your bit and make a job of delivering on the job so when eventually the time comes, you’d get your pay without unnecessarily stooping.

4. Don’t push too hard. With almost every position possible to be handed out into contract hands, hardly can anyone swear that their jobs are safe and secure. When you talk to the boss about a pay raise and he didn’t approve, wait for a sizable amount of time to pass before approaching him again about it. I’m not saying that once the boss says no, you should give up, I’m only saying that you’ve got to wait for a while before hitting him with that request again, else you’ll be putting your job on the line, don’t forget that no matter how little you earn, a million and one people out there would gladly do a better job at half the price, so don’t push too hard.

5. If I don’t get a pay raise, I’m leaving. This one right here may sound funny, but the truth is that many people get frustrated and make comments like this. On no circumstance should you make such, even if you got another job and are hoping that you’d stay if your pay is raise in your present help. So go ahead, request for a pay raise, but hey, do not threaten the boss.

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