Questions To Ask or Avoid Asking During an Interview

Many times just before an interview, we work ourselves up so mentally while trying to figure out the questions that the interviewer may throw our way that we forget that he too should get questions from us. When an interviewee hits back at the interviewer with strategically structured questions, it goes a long way to indicate that the candidate has done his homework very well and is serious about getting the job. Basically, such questions are usually brought from home and are carefully though-out ahead of the interview. While well-thought-out questions can be advantageous, careless questions can dash the expectation of a hopeful; in fact if you are not sure, don’t bother asking the interviewer unwarranted questions.

Listed below are some of the Questions you can go ahead and ask and those that must on no circumstance come from you during an interview as suggested by Jacquelyn Smith, a career expert.

Questions you should ask in an interview:

  • What specific qualities and skills are you looking for in the job candidate?
  • Is this a new position, or did someone leave? If someone left, why did they leave or what did they go on to do?
  • How do you see me as a candidate for the job in comparison with an ideal candidate?
  • Do you have any concerns about me or about my qualifications that may prevent you from selecting me for the job?
  • What would you say are the three most important skills needed to excel in this position?
  • What does a typical day or week look like for the person in this position
  • How do you see this position contributing to the success of the organization?
  • How can I best contribute to the department?
  • Why do you like working here?
  • Can you please show me some examples of projects that I’d be working on?
  • Who would be my manager, and will I have the opportunity to meet him or her?
  • What do you think distinguishes this company from its competitors, both from a public and employee perspective?
  • Does the company offer continued education and professional training?
  • What particular achievements would equate to success at this job? What would success look like?
  • Are you most interested in a candidate who works independently, on a team, cross-functionally, or through a combination of them all?
  • What is your ideal communication style with your staff? Do you meet regularly with your team, rely heavily on e-mail, use status reports or work primarily through other means?
  • What is the next step? When do you think you will be making a decision?

Questions to avoid in an interview:

  • Don’t ask him how much they are willing to pay you, wait for them to make that move first.
  • Don’t go like “What does your company do?” (Do you mean you don’t know and you applied for the job?)
  • Don’t ask how quickly you can be promoted.
  • Don’t ask him about a gossip you heard in town about how they forcefully retired some staff, did this and that.
  • Never ask for information you could have easily found with a quick Google search.
  • Don’t ask many questions about the interviewer’s background, questions like; are you married?
  • Don’t ask “when can I start applying for other positions in the company, if eventually I’m successful?”

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