Tips on Dealing With An Overly-Demanding Boss.

You may never understand how annoying it can to constantly leave office at 10 PM each day irrespective of whether you have any significant duties to attend to or not until you have a boss who makes sure he or she creates every possible avenue to keep you busy on errands that already have been concluded and need no further unwarranted readjustment.
Some bosses get this active and on-top-of-their-game feeling by putting excessive unwarranted pressure on their employees. Many times they set goals and expectation that are only attainable and would not entertain and any excuse as to why you failed to meet your goals.
When working with such bosses, here are a few tips that may assist you so you don’t get fired or come down with high blood pressure.
1. Always put your A game on. Remember that zeal with which you attended the interview and how you vowed that you can perform exceedingly well with little or no supervision combined with much pressure, well this is time to put it to work. Make a constant job of delivering on your responsibilities for good. Leave him or her no room to lash out on you verbally or in any way because you are always slipping here and there. So do your job and do it good.
2. Study and Understand your boss. While you must mind your business, you must study to understand your boss. You must understand his vital signs, know when not to come near, know when to talk, know when to keep your distance. This is important because if you don’t understand his signs, you may unwittingly end up as his stress dump, which by the way is harmful to your health.
3. Don’t expect a thank you always. Many people get discouraged when they put in their best in a piece of work and they don’t get even a scanty thank you. Rude as this may sound, when you do your job, your reward for it is the pay you’d receive, and not some appreciation which if by the way you want, you’d get more than enough from home. If your boss is a demanding one, it is likely he’ll not even notice that you actually put in your best, in fact he’ll point out errors you made, even when there are practically none; so always do your best, but never expect appreciation from an overly demanding boss ‘cause you may not get one.
4. Get yourself some thick skin. While you must not make the mistake of taking your boss for granted, you must not fall into the temptation of getting frustrated on the job. You cannot afford to get frustrated in an environment where you spend eight to nine hours each day especially when you see yourself being a boss in that firm someday, so get yourself some thick skin, don’t let nothing, I repeat nothing negative said or done by your boss get you frustrated, lest you soon join the league of they that check the blood pressure each morning; it’s not worth it.
5. See the good side of the pressure. Naturally, humans don’t improve much fast when left in comfortable a position as much as they do when pressure is applied. Learn to do a great job in little or no time, learn to multitask, learn to handle the heavy workload, it may be to your advantage tomorrow. I once read in a story how that a less experienced female doctor had a terrible time in the hand of a far more experienced doctor; there was no kind of pressure he didn’t let her pass through. Unknown to the younger doctor, the man had a plan, he needed someone to replace him, someone who has both a kind heart and a stamina that can withstand intense pressure coupled with invaluable expertise, and she’s the one he chose, the pressure was his way of preparing her for his impossible pressure-ridden workload. So let the pressure refine you, tomorrow, you’d be grateful it did.

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